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One of the most important divisions in an established organization is human resources. Not only are they the key to finding the right talent for the company, but they also have to carry the responsibility of several administrative jobs as well as creating a better working environment in the company. With so much work, there is a very good chance that they might have missed out on a good talent or angered an employee due to the delay or the lack of timely response. One solution to help the HR department make more efficient and at the same time reduce their workload is to install an SMS gateway. With the help of SMS gateway, the HR personnel can easily send SMS text messages from their PC to any mobile phone and receive a reply from them too. This would require creating different SMS API to reply on receiving an application, sending appointment dates, reminders, rejections, etc.

SMS gateway is the first step to achieve a better streamline flow of work for the HR Department. This technology would enable it to send SMS to candidates and employees quickly and easily via a PC. Creating a special SMS API can help them reply to candidates and employees quicker, especially if they involve petty issues or similar queries. Let us look at the different ways SMS gateways and SMS API can help the HR department in their daily work:

Recruitment Process: 

  • Whenever a job opening is posted, an HR department receives several resumes for the same. They go through them and select the apt candidates for an interview. Now instead of wasting time, calling or emailing each candidate for appointment, it would be easier sending them a text message asking for an appropriate time and date for the same. This would also make scheduling better as if any change occurs it would rest on the shoulders of the candidate, as the schedule was made according to their suggestion, and not HR. 
  • Several times due to a mismatch in requirements, some candidates’ CVs are taken out of the process. Instead of having such candidates contact you constantly, it’s better to send them an SMS and explain that their application was rejected. 
  • Now that an appointment is fixed, at times it is important to remind the candidates. Using a simple SMS API, a reminder can be sent to all candidates automatically. HR would not have to worry about this as this function is in-built in the software. 
  • Sometimes, they come across a right candidate but not fit for that post. However, when an opening does appear for such a candidate, a quick SMS can be sent to them. Thus, we have seen how the recruitment process is simplified with the help of SMS technology. Let us look at how it can help HR in handling the company’s employee. 

Administrative Purpose: 

  • Sometimes employees ask the same question or similar doubts/queries. E.g. List of holidays for the financial year, official office timings, etc. For this, an SMS API that can detect these keywords and send automated reply can save the HR personnel time for more productive work. 
  • A quick reminder or official announcement can be made easily through the use of such SMS gateways. This is especially useful when an emergency crops up after office hours. 
  • Wishing employees on their birthdays or completing another year in the organization is always more personal when sent via SMS. 
  • Similarly, all work and no play will make the office a very dull place. SMS contests, quiz games, etc. can be well directed by HR using this SMS technology. 

Thus, we at BroadNet Technologies makes it clear that SMS gateway and SMS API can make the work for HR personnel easier, quicker and more productive.

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