How to Track and optimize your bulk SMS campaign When you read this article, you get to learn a number of things; including –

First, let us get some facts

A whopping 98 percent people read the message they receive. This makes SMS one of the vital means of communicating with their targeted audience. But it is extremely challenging to make a point within the limit of 160 characters. So, it is very important to track the progress of your campaign. Tracking how your Bulk SMS campaign is performing and how to enhance its performance is crucial to evolve.

How to Track and Measure your Bulk SMS Campaign:

Types of measurement factorWhat do they stand for
Growth RateNumber of people who’ve subscribed
Churn RateNumber of people who’ve opted put
Redemption RateNumber of subscribers who performed an action

Key Measurement Metrics to Judge the Performance of Bulk SMS campaign

Growth Rate –This refers to the number of people who subscribe to your SMS marketing because of the campaigns you are sending. Subtract the number of previous subscribers from the current subscribers. Now, take the result and divide it by the number of previous subscribers to get growth rate.

Churn Rate – This refers to the specific number of people who have opted out of your SMS campaign. Take the number of people who opted out and then divide it by the total number of subscribers.

Redemption Rate – It specifically refers to the action your subscribers did what your campaign asked them to do. Get your redemption rate by dividing the number of subscribers that act by the total number of subscribers.

Tracking and measuring Bulk SMS campaign is easy. You can use it using external tools such as Google analytics, and other sources. However, some SMS gateway service providers offer built-in, customized options and features to pinpoint what work for their effort, this necessarily means that their dashboard offer them exclusive preview about a few key deciders that help tracking a campaign simpler.

How to develop functional and pinpointed Bulk SMS Campaign that works!

  • Add a clear call to action
  • Be prepared and learn what your customers respond
  • Be concise and keep it short
  • Find the proper frequency
  • Research your audience and understand what matter
  • Develop a sense of urgency
  • Don’t complicate messaging
  • Maintain an updated and pinpointed data base
  • Use keywords to help your data
  • Personalize your text for a better experience
  • Respect people’s decision and respond positively if they want to opt out of your campaign. Give them option to opt out and if they can, ask why they want to opt out so that you can serve them well.

So, optimize, analyze and improve your SMS campaign.