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SMS Reseller

The SMS messaging business continues to grow rapidly due to the fact that SMS is still the most used and the most effective business communication platform in the world. Enterprises worldwide rely on SMS every day to conduct critical business operations. You can make money with our SMS reseller program. With Broadnet’s SMS reseller program, you can easily start your own profitable SMS company and brand without any investment, including International SMS Services.

Whether you are starting from scratch focusing on SMS or trying to build or enhance your Omnichannel Communication Platform, Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) or Communication Platform as a Service (CPaas) business, you came to right place. Use our white-label platform Free of Charge, build your own platform or integrate existing ones with ease.

Why become an SMS reseller of BROADNET?

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  • Start your new business with minimal investment, risk and effort
  • Get greater flexibility and affordability in pricing and user management
  • Market your own SMS portal and brand
  • Rely on an experienced team to support you 24/7 and answer all your questions and concerns

SMS Reseller Program

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With 20 years of experience under our belt, we know how to empower our resellers to develop their own successful businesses.

With our SMS Reseller program, you will have a dependable partner and a reliable SMSC Gateway for all mobile networks globally.

SMS Reseller Program Features

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  1. Proprietary SMS platform
  2. Free SMS portal
  3. Select custom-built SMS routes for your customers
  4. Flexible price list for each user
  5. Unlimited users
  6. Timely delivery reports with export option
  7. Demo Panel
  8. Easy access to your customers’ accounts
  9. 24/7 technical support team
  10. Documentation guides
  11. No expiry dates and no hidden costs
  12. Can be set up within minutes
  13. User notifications
  14. SMS credit history
  15. Use your own domain name for the platform
  16. Detailed statistics of your users’ SMS
  17. Complete billing solution built-in
  18. Integration with Google Analytics, PayPal, and credit cards processors for online transactions
  19. Can be integrate with existing platforms