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About us – An unfaltering & Trustworthy SMS Provider

With over 17 years of experience as an SMS providerBroadNet is a prominent global business messaging solutions provider and a GSMA member. Broadnet offers a number of services including Bulk SMSHLR Lookup, SMS FirewallA2P SMS, SMSC Gateway and more, all based on globally recognized standards and technical frameworks.

Since 2003, Broadnet has seen steady growth and is now one of the leading telecommunication companies in SMS-related services and serves more than 60,000 satisfied clients globally. Furthermore, BroadNet has been presented with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 for delivering quality and secure SMS solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of today’s clients.

Broadnet develops and maintains its own proprietary SMS platforms to provide innovative, customized and differentiating products and services; Coupled with direct connections to over 440 operators and carriers worldwide, we are able to offer top-quality routes with exceptional performance and reliability at very competitive prices. Our services make it easy to send 1 or 1 Billion SMS anywhere in the world safely and securely.

Starting from BroadNet HQ in Beirut, Lebanon, we now have offices and branches in London, Dubai, Pune, Rome, and Malta. We are also planning to open more branches in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where you may see even more innovative ideas and breakthrough technologies very similar to other branches all over the world.

17 Years of SMS Experience

94% Client Retention

60K+ Enterprises served worldwide

More than 200 employees

Lebanon, UK, UAE, India, Italy, Malta, Egypt, KSA


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We are aiming to become a global spearhead in SMS and IT services.


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We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative services with complete transparency and using the best technical and human resources for the job. We are also committed to improving our business value by continuously improving the quality of our own products and services.