SMS Firewall

SMS Firewall

BroadNet SMS firewall system is designed to prevent fraudulent practices and to protect the networks and subscribers of mobile operators, carriers and service providers against SMS spam and scams. This system screens, filters and blocks messages to and from mobile phones and applications using an intelligent AI-based threat-detection mechanism. It also supports alarm-mode activation, notifications and load balancing.

Our firewall also helps in averting revenue leakage issues for mobile network operators (MNO).

SMS Firewall Features

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SMS Content Filtering

Mobile devices are prime targets for spammers and it can be a big problem for the subscribers and operators alike. SMS spam issues can financially affect those who have a limit on their mobile plans and it is quickly becoming a major concern for mobile marketing organizations. Our SMS Firewall can help resolve these issues.

Global Title Filtering

When it comes to GT Scan, fraudsters or attackers look for networks susceptible to attack. Broadnet SMS Firewall monitors all requests origination points and keep track of occurrences to determine SMS security breaches and block related attacks.

Anti-SMS Spoofing

Spoofing occurs when one receives messages with fake MSISDN and it might lead to customers being charged wrongfully and to identity theft or misuse. Once spoofed messages are detected using signaling level information, an alarm and notification are triggered for manual blocking or the system can be configured to automatically block them.

Prevent SMS Faking

Our firewall helps in preventing SMS faking and preventing harmful manipulation. It protects the operator’s network and subscribers against unauthorized SMS traffic and fake SMS.

Key Features

  • Complete SMS traffic protection for all network entry points
  • Easy yet robust administration control panel
  • Multifaceted filtering for more target-based control
  • Access to traffic visibility reports based on alerts, schedule, and on-demand.
  • Integrated SS7 security to provide network protection for safe SMS delivery. Guaranteed SMS delivery.
  • Safe Bulk SMS delivery and Spam Control
  • Multipurpose implementation
  • Experts are available 24/7

Benefits to Operators

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  • No capital investment required to implement our SMS firewall solution
  • Ensure meeting commercial agreements in regards to SMS volume and enjoy increased revenue protection
  • Provide monitoring, filtering and blocking services
  • Timely reports and automated notifications

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