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SMSC Gateway

SMSC Center – Short message service center

BroadNet SMSC (short message service center) Gateway has been put together based on SS7, SMPP, and JSLEE Server. Whenever a user sends an SMS to another user, the message gets to the SMSC and from there, it is delivered to the chosen user whenever they are available on the network. BroadNet offers guaranteed SMS delivery. Let’s have a look at how this works:

  • When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone, it will reach an SMS gateway center first.
  • Then the SMS center forwards the message to the chosen destination.
  • It is SMSC’s duty to set the course of SMS messages and control the whole process. In case the destination user is not reachable, the message will stay with SMSC until the message is delivered.
  • The message will be forwarded when the receiver would be reachable.
  • SMSC is supported by both open source and commercial constituents through an accepted mproc module architecture.

SMSC - Features & Benefits

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  • SMSC gateway with multi-tenancy feature allows operators to provide SMS services, OTP SMS solutions, group SMS, and broadcast SMS services for various brands and domains from a single positioning.
  • Offers carrier-class adaptability and dependability with excellent load balancing and clustering support to tackle automatic failover and provide an outstanding user experience for mobile users.
  • It offers multilingual support for a global audience. Services are accessible in Latin languages such as English, Spanish, and French, and non-Latin languages such as Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic.
  • Equipped with SS7 hardware to support Intel or Dialogic cards. With Legacy TDM and SS7 support, it offers standard network integration into LTE and IMS networks.
  • SMS portal with 7 Internet protocol support for SIP.
  • Options such as on-premise and cloud deployment provides exceptional flexibility for service provider and enterprise applications.
  • Flexible Operations and Monitoring support
  • Open-source software allows the staff to learn, augment and tailor the SMSC gateway as per your requirements. Also, allow the users to provide their input into our product development roadmap.

We allow the service providers and enterprises to deliver SMS, group SMS, International SMS and more to their subscribers. In addition, you will also get value-added services with easy integration with OTT communications services such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. BroadNet SMSC center supports various telecommunication operators all over the world and it can be counted amongst the most reliable and effective SMSCs in the world with excellent SMS Gateway.

SMS Gateway allows a computer to send and receive text messages with an SMS capable device such as mobile, over the worldwide telecommunications network. It translates the message sent, making it compatible with every network delivery.


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In our SMPP system, you would get SMPP functionality. SMPP servers are provided by SMS Providers. These servers will allow you to connect and then send messages to multiple recipients. Many businesses today want to offer SMPP access to their clients and if you are also one of them, you can use the reseller panel of your service provider. With our SMPP services, you can actually create your own SMPP accounts and build new routing capabilities and routers. You can do all this without exposing your provider to the client. As we develop our rebranded SMPP servers, we take into account all your business needs and expectations. You can have limitless resellers and clients, based on your business needs.

Our SMPP services at Broadnet are intended for the medium and small size businesses. These businesses usually have limited IT resources and time to focus on SMPP services. This is the reason we offer SMPP services to meet all your needs and provide you more time to work on your expansion and growth of the business.

Why Choose us?

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We have a better understanding of the various communication challenges faced by many businesses today. We also understand what you need for your business and offer you most viable messaging solutions, including:

  • Handling an unlimited number of SMS messages through a single user account
  • Significant reduction in server costs
  • Top-quality services for diverse businesses
  • Nil downtime, together with superior support and maintenance services.

Our SMS Gateway Offers

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  • Rapid SMS system migration to take complete advantage of opportunities in the market.
  • Access to skilled and professional customer care at any time and from anywhere.
  • Low preliminary expenditure with our services.
  • Top-level performance in case disaster recovery is needed along with business continuity and prevent security threats.

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