HLR Lookup

Home Location Register (HLR) Lookup

An HLR Lookup is a query for subscriber information from the Home Location Register of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). HLR can be described as a database containing context and status information about every mobile phone number in a mobile network. It is the mainstay of subscriber data.

HLR can also be used to recognize the existing network that a mobile number belongs to so as to determine accurate billing, directing SMS or voice calls, and ascertaining whether a mobile number is roaming overseas or deactivated.

Main HLR Lookup Features

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  • Save time and money on messages that were not delivered
  • Get a clean SMS database and remove inactive numbers to reduce SMS delivery charges
  • Get detailed information on any mobile number, including a phone number’s validity, network roaming details, network information, porting details, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) current geolocation data, etc.
  • Mobile Validation and Verification service for contacts databases
  • Solutions to verify contacts numbers, delivery, test SMS delivery, Filter and clean SMS databases
  • Validate the availability of the subscriber and the best route for text or voice messages
  • Contains call termination
  • Helps in preventing fraud
  • Available through our Web portal, SMPP, and Web API
  • HLR API can be easily integrated in just a few minutes
  • 24/7 Online customer support

Process of HLR Lookup

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Broadnet HLR Lookup service is built on dedicated instances of our proprietary Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to provide the best performance, reliability, stability, security and accuracy of information provided. Our system can handle up to 1000 requests per second. Broadnet owns and maintains a large number of Global Titles (GTs) around the world.

Our process is quite simple. Just submit cell phone numbers (MSISDNs) through a REST API, the Enterprise Web Client, SDKs, or file upload. Then the core HLR Lookup engine interrogates the SS7 signaling network, gets data from the right Mobile Network Operator and sends you the results in formatted reports (HTML, PDF, XML, JSON, or other formats). You can send a quotation request to

HLR Lookup Cost

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