Today bulk SMS service provider messaging is rapidly gaining an upper hand over the email communication in the international market. With the help of the instant and high-end SMS messaging system, we at At BroadNet Technologies offer, you can send informational as well as promotional SMS messages and alerts to your targeted customers as easy as a piece of cake and in no time! As a matter of fact, a maximum number of businesspersons are appreciating this high-speed and hard and fast method of delivering information about new products, services, discounts, offers etc. that are still a part of business development approach. Now you are blessed with the boon of Bulk SMS Marketing Services, which are instrumental in marketing your products and services to the targeted audience right away on the move!

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with our bulk SMS service we cover all the global countries and their operators with 150+ direct connections to operators. We also offer 100% delivery to 99% of operators.

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Features of our International bulk SMS services

1. Provision of Instant delivery

2. Seamless customer targeting

3. Send Bulk SMS via attachments

4. Use of international gateways

5. Bulk SMS service Gateway API

6. Bulk SMS service from the Web

7. Bulk SMS service Desktop application

8. Bulk SMS service Comprehensive campaign monitoring

Benefits of our International Bulk SMS Service

1. Bulk SMS service More extensive reach further than the local boundaries

2. Enhanced brand visibility in international markets through our Bulk SMS services

3. Bulk SMS service Generation of leads & improved business

4. Bulk SMS service Enhanced customer traction

5. Bulk SMS service Instant campaign functioning & response

BroadNet Technologies Bulk SMS service is just the ticket for delivering the top-grade solutions for the customer when it comes to promoting a business via Bulk SMS services. We are at the cutting-edge of delivering customized Bulk SMS solutions that fit your requirements.