What exactly is API and how does it work? There are various core components you will need to consider while using SMS API, but the most important aspect is the SMS API. 

SMS API stands for Application Programming Interface, in the most fundamental terms, it is an interface that allows your interface to communicate easily with various software components.

As the foundations for SMS communications and the internet are mostly classified, SMS APIs are often used to ‘connect the gap’ between telecommunications carrier networks and the wider web. SMS APIs are used to enable web applications to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks.

SMS API in practice

Let’s take for instance this scenario, you own a retail store and you want to send customers a message when they have bought a product on your website, for you to be able to do this you would have to use an SMS API.

What happens is, the customer purchases a dress from your online store, once the customer has put in all details, then clicks to buy. After the client has clicked buy, your purchase script detects that a purchase has been made and sends a request to our SMS API, with all the details you want/need (phone number, name, message) to send a message straight to our client’s mobile phone.

Some exceptional examples of what our Broadnet SMS API can do for your business.

Using an SMS API can promote your business, making it more professional and giving the customer a better experience whilst also reducing your workload. Here are just a few examples of how an SMS API can be used.

– Automated appointment reminders

– Purchase and delivery notifications

– Alerts

– Promotions

The SMS API is provided by BroadNet, which has strong troubleshooting documentation for developers. With it, your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) program and other systems can pull information from the platform and even send SMS messages.

If you’ve ever linked your Facebook or Twitter profiles to a website, then you’ve used an API. They run in the background without you ever knowing what’s going on.

By using an SMS API, you will be able to personalize your bulk SMS messages by including a customer’s name, allow for two-way communication, and enable One-Time Pins (OTPs). 

SMS API has great pillars that can be adopted for your business to perform better, and run efficiently. 

Our Broadnet SMS Platform plays very well with other applications and we’ve put together a list of third-party software vendors that have already created existing integrations with the Broadnet Technologies SMS APIs, including relevant instructions, which you can instantly put to work for your business.