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Businesses are using text marketing to their advantage these days. It is affordable, and when the campaigns are properly executed, highly rewarding for both the customer and the company.

But what happens when it’s not properly performed? Not all companies possess the best text marketing strategy.

Some marketers are ignorant that their marketing techniques are not working and take little notice of the fact that unsubscribes rates are tremendous. They put campaign after campaign out there, then when there is no one left to the market to they are left wondering what happened?

Get the most from your mass text marketing service by preventing these reasons for opt-outs.

4 Factors that lead to opt-outs

  1. Excessively many text messages

Sending too many text messages is the number one reason for people opting out of a text marketing program. You must acquire the proper manner of sending messages so that you do not become annoying to the consumer.

Can you change the frequency of your mass text messages? Sure, but do it strategically. Let’s say you normally send four unique mobile offers a month. Change your frequency promise first, and then up the promotions a bit. Keep a heavy eye on your redemption, and see if anything changes. If your redemption rates stay consistent, stick with the new frequency.

  1. Your message tone is unclear and no motivational 

The words that you use in a text message are very powerful, but it is also the method in which that message is said. If a subscriber doesn’t like your tone, three is a good chance they will unsubscribe.

Not everyone finds the same things amusing as you do. In fact, it is very possible to offend someone, especially through a text message where tone doesn’t always translate easily. Brainstorm messages with your whole team and listen to feedback. If someone on the team doesn’t like the tone of the message, that’s worth paying attention to.

Your incentives aren’t HOT

Customers are more likely to sign up for your list if you are offering promotions and incentives, but you must keep those coming if you want them to remain active members of your list. Remain to send them HOT and enticing offers so they can do an action. 

You’re not consistent with other communication channels

Text marketing is very effective but, you should remember that you must promote your marketing list as well as participate in other forms of marketing if you want to be successful in your attempts.

 Broadnet Technologies allows you to plan your perfect text marketing strategy, bearing in mind the ways and keys to the success of these SMS campaigns. 

Using the tips above when you create a text marketing campaign can ensure that you are growing as a business rather than going backward and losing subscribers. The most important thing that you can remember is that you know your customers and what they want. Broadnet technologies will help your company builds a relationship with the customer is what is important, and this information can help you do just that.

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