Two locks is always good than one and that’s why applications across devices are turning to begin the authentication mechanism to cement the layer of security. The SMS verification using authentication system is extremely important in today’s evolving world of constant security threats. Integrating two-factor authentication using SMS cannot just help you gain loyal base of dedicated user since they know you are taking their security seriously; it also helps you stabilize the entire marketing module and help you gain sustained audiences base.

Two-factor authentication is also known as multi factor or multi step verification is a specialized form of authentication mechanism, which is used to check the identity of a user. It is important to integrate into your marketing mix to counter the evolving threats of brute force attacks, phishing scams, SQL injection attacks.

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How do you use SMS to turbo boost your market? You can easily opt for a number of ways such as capture emails, use social media, app downloads and website traffic etc. Now, by integrating authentication system, you bring in an extra layer of robust security into your SMS marketing process.

Now, coming to authentication system, how can you use the system into your SMS marketing? First of all, you need to understand some examples –

  • The token that a bank issues, which generates you a specific code at a specific time –
  • A one time password, which you receive on your phone to log into your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Random authentication systems being used by GoogleAuthenticator or Facebook Code Generator

Two factor authentications is important to integrate for businesses that work in the following sectors and industries –

  • Online Banking
  • Online Shopping
  • Email
  • Productivity Apps
  • Password Managers
  • Communication Apps
  • Cloud Storage Accounts
  • Accounts On Social Networks

So, if you are working in any of the sectors, you need expert use of authentication system.

Other than these sectors, other industries are also starting to use the authentication system.

Using two step authentication system, you can easily mitigate the existing issues that your process has with security. So, when it comes to use the two factor authentication system; you need to holistically use the entire system to channelize the system. ‘Using two step verification and integrating the entire system into your marketing module helps channelize the process and subsequently improve the overall offerings.

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