By the way, the role of shifts scheduling software in every corporation is extremely valuable. There is a wide range of shift planning programs available in the market to help facilitate the business operations and manage human resources work in an organization expertly. At this crossroads, BroadNet fits the need to a nicety and they have really dozens of innovative employee scheduling systems to help the businesses of SHIFTS to carry out and maintain the human resources jobs competently. 

The purport and intent of BroadNet Technologies behind the release of the product for SHIFTS is to assist their global businesses (of all sizes and types) mightily in terms of employee scheduling. Highly user-friendly and effortless in using, the releasing Company furnishes SHIFTS with next-generation scheduling programs that deliver precision and carry out the business scheduling responsibilities better. The concept actually came into the minds of the IT technicians of BroadNet Technologies, who came up with certain flaws after surveying the existing scheduling systems end to end.

“Our first-rate quality IT products are crafted using the state-of-the-art technology with the view to getting maximum exposure of the targeted audiences in a more smart and effective style for every size and type of business. Incidentally, we have the lofty goal to head SHIFTS to a new hopeful direction by furnishing them with our proven IT innovative solutions that are sure to work more smartly for their businesses of different sizes and types when it comes to carrying out and managing the employee scheduling job better. Deploying our various innovative scheduling programs in an organization the right way will work wonders in facilitating the employee scheduling job best.” said Mr. Rabih, CEO, and Founder of BroadNet Technologies.


SHIFTS is an up-and-coming shifts planning Company. It has the noble mission to facilitate all commercial company owners, particularly when it involves keeping track of the employees’ attendance, their regular performance as well as scheduling agenda for them and establishing a feasible mutual communication. The application we offer here is called ‘SHIFTS, and the technology we use in creating the versatile application is decidedly state of the art; with said that, you can be sure to keep your employees in check or line efficiently. Our application is compatible with a wide range of high-tech gadgets, which means you need not be seated at your personal computer all round the clock but in fact, if you and your workforce members own some up-to-the-minute devices, it is easy to keep tab on your workforce from just any location of the world!