SMS marketing is not just about starting a marketing campaign; it is all about managing a marketing strategy with the integration of SMS as a key marketing channel. With this article, we will learn the importance of SMS marketing and how as a brand you can measure its effectiveness.

A whopping 98 percent people read the message they receive on their mobile. This illustrates the staggering growth that can be achieved using SMS marketing. However, when it comes to pinpointing the growth, one of the vital things that need to be considered is how to measure the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

How to track and measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing

Growth rate – This means the number of people who have subscribed to your SMS marketing. The easiest way to achieve this is to subtract the number of your SMS marketing’s previous subscribers with existing ones. When you have the result, simply divide it by the number of previous subscribers.

Other than the growth rate mentioned, other important things that you need to consider while it comes to evaluating the success rate of SMS marketing include the following –

Churn rate – When you measure the number of people who have opted out of your SMS campaign, you get the churn rate. The number when divided by the total number of existing subscribers get you churn rate.

Redemption rate – What your audiences did after you sent them SMS marketing messages? Did they actively take part in joining a marketing or do they matter when you take a decision to excel your campaign? Redemption rate can be accessed by dividing the number of people who have acted on your campaign with the number of existing subscribers.

So, when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your SMS campaign, a lot of things crucially play a pivotal role, which includes subscriber list, new subscribers, opt-outs, opt-ins, subscriber action, sales etc.

Therefore, always be decided about your defined audiences and then holistically channelize your growth by pinpointing on the most important things that matter.

When it comes to the effectiveness of an SMS marketing campaign, you should be consistent in your approach, and that the entire process should be devised accordingly. Please find below some of the most important tips as a brand marketer you should take into consideration when it comes to preparing a holistic and effective SMS marketing strategy.

  • Develop a clear call to action
  • Research what your customers want and be defined about their requirements
  • Don’t complicate the text of your SMS. Keep it short and simple
  • Personalize your SMS text for improved user experience

Give people an option to opt out so that if they don’t like engaging with your message they have ample scope to opt out and thereby respect your position as an informed and educated brand

These are just some of the effective ways to promote your SMS marketing and measure it for effectiveness. Learn more about developing a solid SMS marketing that works, please click the website