Bulk SMS service enables sending a large number of SMS messages to a broad audience – at once and you can tailor it in a way that drives success to your business. 

Bulk SMS messaging is the best platform to use for sending out a high volume of messages in one click.

BULK SMS can be split into: 

  • Wholesale SMS – messages that are sent from reseller companies
  • Retail/business SMS – messages which are generated and sent from end customers, from your company for example.

The beauty of the bulk SMS service lies in its simple way to use. You just need to select your provider (BroadNet Technologies for example), create your Bulk SMS messaging account, upload your list of clients, provide a text message you want to send and just click ‘start bulk shoot.’ And that’s it. In just a matter of seconds, your clients will receive the update you sent to them. And you’ll get online access to delivery statistics and reports in real-time that will help you overview results to make successful marketing decisions in the future.

Direct benefits coming from sending bulk SMS are:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Low operational costs
  • Revenue generator
  • Measurable ROI
  • High efficiency
  • Good value for money

The secret of bulk SMS messaging success lies in the fact that automated high-volume Bulk SMS text messaging allows the sender instant transmission of one message to a large number of recipients, regardless of their location.

Bulk SMS is a great lead generator and a prospecting tool since it allows businesses to reach out to and stay in touch with people who showed interest in their services/products. But, even if people opted-in to receive notifications, the process is far from finished. 

Not to mention that the effectiveness of bulk SMS messaging is constantly evolving as a new business or public benefits needs are identified. From large-scale businesses to small enterprises, community groups to educational institutions, bulk SMS messaging provides a cost-effective solution for managing communications with small or large contact groups.

And it’s highly recommended that before starting with sending bulk SMS messages it is important to note that you must comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country to which you are sending SMS messages.

Bulk SMS service is quite beneficial for almost all kinds of businesses as it boosts their marketing strategy and takes them a step forward in achieving business goals.

Bulk SMS messaging can be implemented by business owners, community groups, marketing agencies, or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people. Bulk SMS allows you to measure the impact of your sent messages, you can track your delivery reports and if you include a link, you can measure the amounts of hits and/or sales the SMS led to.

So, Why not try it NOW with Broadnet Technologies?