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The benefits of bulk SMS marketing for retailers traverse the entire marketing funnel. 

Many online retailers see an improvement in revenue from their bulk SMS marketing campaigns within weeks or months of launching their first one. 

Now, let’s get into the good stuff and show you what online retailers around the web are doing to compliantly build an SMS list, market to their prospects and customers, wrap client service into the mix, and ultimately boost their bottom line. 

  1. Loyalty Program.

Loyalty programs are all about personalization and making your loyal customers’ experiences easier. To do that, your business can use bulk SMS to make sure their VIP customers knew what their options were for the holidays, ensuring they got a nice discount and that the items would arrive just in time.

It is important for these kinds of programs that you use customization. That you make sure you are messaging them, using their name! Also, it is helpful if you can segment this list and send these kinds of product-specific information updates for VIP customers based on what they have purchased in the past. 

2.Send Coupons & Discounts in Bulk SMS to your Clients.

Your business can send regular SMS messaging in bulk to your customers –– and guess what? 

They aren’t even that personalized! Instead, you will be keeping your business top of mind for consumers with beautiful imagery, fun little messages, and percentages off just in case your customers need it

3.Product Updates / New Arrivals.

Bulk SMS is a great way to inform loyal customers of new product arrivals or drops before they sell out. 

Be sure to use your brand’s tone and voice in these texts. That accommodates to connect with your customers, build loyalty, and ultimately get a good revenue boost as soon as the new product goes live.

4.Items back in stock off backorder alerts.

You don’t want to have a disconnect somewhere between when the customer wanted the item, and when they sent that email to notify. Now with bulk SMS, you can send SMS to those who were interested in this particular item, that you have restocked in order o generate an action.

5.Promote Events :

Whether you are launching an online or offline event, or are part of one (like a major PR event!), bulk SMS marketing for your retail business can be amazingly helpful to capitalize on the moment. 

Seeing the benefits of bulk SMS marketing in the retail field, help your business NOW with us at Broadnet Technologies and engage in SMS marketing. 

With our adaptable platform, you can create recurring SMS marketing campaigns for different groups of customers, schedule them in advance and then adjust them as necessary when you find out what works and what doesn´t. Alternatively, our SMS account managers can advise you on tried and tested techniques that have proved successful for other businesses in your industry.

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