If you think BULK SMS marketing is somehow out-of-date, you might be thinking about your marketing strategy wrong.

SMS represents an essential part of an organization’s multi-channel marketing strategy. Implementing effective SMS messaging between brands and mobile device users endure a massive way to engage customers throughout the buying process. SMS marketing is equally great for lead and revenue generation. Here are three key features to SMS that will explain why they’re worth investing in. SMS Marketing is an essential tool for any marketing strategy whether for awareness, exposure and sales.

  • One of those features to SMS is adding EMOJIS to the text making is more vivid to the extent that increases your clients’ interaction to your BULK SMS campaign. It is pretty known that Emoji’s are friendlier to the customers; it creates personalized communication as well as reduces the response of negativity, so adding emoji to your SMS can help having a positive feedback out of an SMS campaign. Another feature that can be so useful in Bulk SMS is the addition of a media link within the text in which the client will have the urge to open that media link that might include a poster, picture, and video, etc. Clients in specific are more attracted to engaging with the media which is likely explained by seeing visuals, videos that make them wonder about the product or even collecting all information about it. One of the distinct benefits of SMS marketing is that you can track how many times your links are clicked as it happens. You can use that information to tell how effective your marketing campaign is in real time and tweak your campaigns for optimum performance. Try our BULK SMS service at Broadnet you can easily track the link and get the full analytics of your SMS campaign. 

BULK SMS marketing is still viewed as one of the newest ways of marketing tools especially due to the link tracking it offers.

Some other feature of BULK SMS Marketing that can be pretty useful for your business is sending customized SMS to your own clients. Humans in general react more genuinely on things that are personalized and customized for their own character, accordingly, when you are sending customized SMS showing the specific name of the receiver, as well as the personalized offer for them, your clients will be thrilled for that kind of loyalty you are establishing which will make them consider an action the very soon. 

BULK SMS marketing has been the pioneer solution for effective businesses to reach their clients and most importantly these key features if used correctly; you can achieve your target effectively and efficiently. To sum it all, know your clients, target them and never miss out these key success features of the SMS. 

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