Here are some benefits from our Bulk SMS Reseller program that you can get upon signing up to become an SMS reseller agent.

SMS is still one of the major channels for people and businesses to communicate. Although there are a lot of text messaging apps there is a lot of people still using SMS, especially for their SMS business marketing. It is because SMS does not require internet access; it is easy to use, fast and cheap. The SMS application industry has grown at a tremendous rate in the past few years since mobile phones have become an important part of our lives.

 Set Your Price (Set it objective and fair)

Cost and profit often become one of the most important factors when a person wants to start up his/her business. Despite that, becoming a Broadnet’s SMS reseller agent, the cost and profit should not be your concerns because the price offered is based on a wholesale basis.

What’s more, you will have full control of setting your selling price as an SMS reseller. You can gain even higher profit when you purchase the lowest cost per SMS credit of the bulk SMS packages for your bulk SMS reseller gateway business.

 Uncomplicated and Fast Setup

To rebrand our white label SMS marketing platform, all you need is to have your domain as well as a website hosting to become a bulk SMS reseller to set and serve your client.

Besides, we also provide you with free white label domain if you do not have your domain, no other settings are required. Additionally, in terms of the website design template, Broadnet has provided with few options for you to choose based on your preference. 

 Exceptional Customer Support

If you are not quite familiar with bulk SMS business products and services, it is normal if you have concerns about dealing with your clients. But you can rest because our team will always be ready to provide and assist you with excellent support and guidance by providing you with the user guides, sharing our customer service skills, marketing skills, etc. Hence, with the support that Broadnet provided to you, it surely will be easier for you to handle your bulk SMS service business.

Businesses are regularly leveraging on the potentiality of bulk SMS for they see in its increased profit and outcomes.

The role an SMS reseller performs is treated with respect, the job is not mundane – and is populated with probabilities for a bright career. Resellers often lead their life on their own. Work from home, No boss to report daily, no deadline to follow, and on top of that, a steady stream of consistent monthly revenue. So, Why not start NOW!

Should you want to become a Broadnet reseller and make an extra money, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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