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Are you wondering how to track your customer interaction with your BULK SMS marketing campaigns?

98% of text messages sent are being received and viewed, so monitoring its performance gives you analytics on how well those views converted into clicks and conversions.

Tracking the clickthrough you receive on your BULK SMS campaigns is necessary since it helps distinguish your site visits from other marketing campaigns. Otherwise, there’s no way to know whether or not your mobile marketing is quite working well. It also helps you optimize your BULK SMS marketing campaigns to improve engagement and conversions.

Including a link in your BULK SMS marketing campaigns is great to direct your prospects to your website.

Today, we’ll show you how important it is to track your BULK SMS marketing campaigns and excel in your text messages.

Marketers nowadays are investing more in the BULK SMS business. BULK SMS marketing has driven far along than just sending the offer as dry as it is; perhaps now it can be more vivid while using and adding a link to the text messages.

Including a link in your text message means you can direct receivers through to more valuable online content by adding the ability to track who and how many people are clicking through to your link, whether it is a media link or the link of your website.

Tracking the number of clickthroughs you get from an BULK SMS campaign is terrific if you’re looking for data and statistics on how well the campaigns are performing and who’s interacting – but what about what they do after they’ve clicked on your BULK SMS link?

This beneficial tool from the BULK SMS service comes into play; adding additional information into your BULK SMS link enables you to see what these customers are doing on your website after clicking through on your link inserted in the text messages.

Reasonably you want to boost sales on your e-commerce store or push shoppers to an online ticket page for an upcoming event? You may even be collecting leads or bookings via a web form; whatever the goal and purpose of your BULK SMS campaign, it’s crucial to find out which of your marketing tools, including BULK SMS, are working best for you. If you’re tracking eCommerce in Google Analytics, you can also see what revenue you have generated from your BULK SMS campaigns – how bright is that?

BULK SMS Marketing is an Effective Tool When Combined with link tracking analytics.

It’s not just revenue. Once you’ve got the tracking in place, you can use this to explore customer engagement and behavior on your website using analytics. Knowing how your customers are engaging with you and each of your campaigns will provide you with valuable data, helping you plan where to put your budget in the future and what campaign content is working best.

Tell me how to do it?

BroadNet offers you the pioneer BULK SMS marketing tool to track your text messages!

Throughout BroadNet’s BULK SMS experience, the client has the right to analyze and keep tracking the campaign till the end, and we give the clients a live testimony of their BULK SMS campaign!

We give our clients the optimum experience while adopting BULK SMS marketing analytics.

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