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Bulk SMS service has proved beneficial for every type of business; whether big or small. It is believed to be one of the best mediums of communicating with audiences. Brands that want to connect and collaborate with their audiences holistically in less time and least effort can count on bulk SMS services.

Below are few significant benefits of Bulk SMS service

Open Rates

People are more comfortable in reading an SMS rather than an email. More than 95% of people open and read their SMS. Sending emails for marketing or advertising purpose has high chances of falling into the spam folder that is never opened by the readers.

High Conversion Rate:

In today’s world, where people are using numerous apps for communication, SMS are still preferred as a reliable mode of communication. Organizations such as banks, shopping websites etc Use SMS service to communicate with their customers


Bulk SMS service is far cheaper than magazine, TV or any other marketing channels. Due to their low cost, many industries prefer SMS service.

Less Effort

Sending an SMS is the easiest thing to do in the world. In this fast-paced world, people are easily using many new and complex features. But the process of sending an SMS remains unchanged)

Easy to reach

It is the simple and easiest method of communication. Every simple phone has SMS service available and sending an SMS does not require any professional degree. So, anyone can communicate through SMS.

Wide Appeal

SMS service is available on any phone and it does not require any internet connection to run like other mobile apps. Through SMS, you can make a wide appeal in any part of the world.


Speed is an important component of a business. Sending an SMS to a large number of people is just a few minutes job. It is very useful when a business is facing a sluggish day or wants to let go off the old stock.

Personified Message

An SMS can also be personalized according to a customer’s location or last buying behaviour at low cost. This service can be very costly when used in other methods of marketing. A smart marketer always prefers this method of communication and marketing.