Bulk SMS is the way to go forward

There are so many marketing ways available in 2019, but Bulk SMS remains the most effective one if you’re looking to reach a wide audience and grow your business. It gives you the possibility to target a very specific market niche with the help of developed databases. You can either gather your own database out of experience, or to work with companies like BroadNet who already have a developed database worldwide and targeted in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates at disposal.

By using Bulk SMS, you can make sure that all your interesting offers are reaching the convenient recipients. If you send X SMS to X youngsters who are very likely to be interested in buying your latest tech product, then chances are high that you will end up generating high profit out of this – in exchange of a very budget-friendly service of BroadNet’s Bulk SMS

Outperforming competition is a necessity in today’s market, this is why all businesses are looking to use any strategy that is likely to give them the advantage.

There is no equivalent alternative for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is not the only successful way in growing your market share and increasing your revenue, but at the same time, it is a very different marketing tool from the rest. You can market your product or service on social media if you prefer, but even in this case, implementing Bulk SMS will still increase your sales. Why? Well simply because not all people use social media, most businessmen don’t have the time for it anyway. And according to all stats, businessmen are the ones who are the likeliest to engage with your call to action. At the same time, many youngsters may dedicate their time to a specific social media platform and ignore the rest. If you do market your product on Facebook by paying ads for it, what makes you feel confident that X person is always navigating on his or her Facebook timeline? X person might well be more of an Instagram person who mostly checks Instagram feeds. In this case, you would have to pay ads on every single major social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn et al.

Meanwhile, everybody uses a mobile phone and stats strictly confirm that the open rate of SMS is above 95% – meaning that this way is a more effective one in delivering your message. If said user is interested in acquiring your product or service, it won’t really matter whether they see the same message on a social media platform or SMS. For in the end, what ultimately matters is the content. And if you have good content creators as we do at BroadNet, you will be able to make your SMS notifications catchy and user-friendly enough, so that the recipient will engage with your call to action.

By adding the relevant information regarding your product or service, alongside the relevant links that allow the user to make the transaction, you are set to generate high profit thanks to Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS can be used for different reasons

Marketing a product is one of the most common ways of using Bulk SMS, but making important announcements regarding the opening date of your new branch, a special event that your company, college or municipality is organizing, is also another possibility. This service that BroadNet excels at providing, can be used for various reasons – which is why it is set to remain an important factor in the market for the next years.

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