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Here’s why text bulk SMS marketing can take your brand to a whole new level of success and prosper. 

Marketers debate about mobile as the future of marketing all the time. We fully recognize that customers move their phones with them everywhere; mobile devices drive more traffic to websites than desktops.

Yet many mobile marketing channels — for instance, SMS or text message marketing — are highly beneficial and reflect the popularity of mobile positively.

the reasons why to consider bulk SMS in your marketing strategy when you are thinking of ways to improve your brand are pretty clear as below:

  1. SMS has an open rate of 98% and a conversion rate of 45%.

And clearly, the numbers don’t lie. Brands that are frequently working on programs that possess SMS channels are highly conscious of that open rate, and that’s driven by the ROI coming back from this channel

2. 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes of being received.

Want to conduct a text message marketing campaign? Know that 90%end-users are opened within 3 minutes of being received — meaning SMS marketing is a highly profitable channel but a hugely positive disruption for the end-user and the brand.

Retailers particularly see impressive ROI from text message marketing, which results in quick opens and direct responses from consumers in short order

3.Millennials are interested in engaging with companies through mobile messaging.

It is quite impressive that millennial consumers are extremely aware of marketing and being marketed to. They know what data they want, and they’d like to gain access to that in an organic way. This means giving younger customers the opportunity to speak back and forth with your brand on the channel that’s easiest for them: mobile. That’s what’s best for them because that’s what they’re used to

4. For an awesome SMS program, think useful and branded, not just promotional.

To have a truly thriving SMS program, think about more than just marketing.

Instead of simply sending promotional texts, text message marketing specialists encourage users to think out of the box, questioning, “Do you want an SMS message when your table is ready at a restaurant? Do you want an SMS when your Uber has arrived? Do you want an SMS when your package has shipped? These one-time messages are essential for the brand and the user.

 Bulk SMS marketing is more than just sending promotions, it’s a platform in which you revive your brand and deliver what it promises.

As more brands seem to target customers on the move, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, with few digital marketing agencies featuring text message marketing as a core offering, their clients are potentially missing out on communications with customers and increased ROI. At Broadnet technologies, our employees help you brand shift its image forward and achieve your brand goals through a wide selection of SMS feature that is quite useful.