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You might be wondering, why SMS when we have a fleet of other options available.

Revolution in the technology has led to building many new communication channels to reach out to our potential customers. While many of these communication channels have been able to create an impact on the customer base, the prevalent marketing channel has still been SMS marketing.

SMS marketing: The Wide-reach communication channel

Though SMS is seen as an old-school approach in marketing in the times of Social media, it is still been used widely as an effective communication channel.

Wondering how? Let’s see some statistics to find our answer.

As per the research, SMS has an open rate of 98%, which means almost all the messages that are sent to the customers are read by them. This means the communication has been successfully reaching the target audience, which is not seen in the other media at such a higher rate.

Moreover, 83% of the SMS are opened within 3 minutes of the delivery. This adds to proving the SMS channel to be effective when the time-frame of communication is shorter. Thus, SMS is observed to communicate information in cases where it needs to be reached immediately.

 SMS can be sent to any kind of mobile phone whether a basic handset, a smartphone, or a handset where the internet is not enabled. This would mean a wider reach, even to the target audience in remote areas where other channels find it hard to reach.

Innovation in the Uses of SMS: Older wine in a New bottle

Marketing tactics to have to evolve with time to stay effective by bringing in new ideas, rather than dwelling on the prevalent ones. While SMS marketing is still a reliable source of communication, it is the usage of the channel which has evolved to keep up with the revolution.

Previously, SMS was just used to send information to the customers, which was mostly done manually. Now with the increasing technologies, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have made sending SMS to mass recipients very easy due to automation.

With the advent of APIs, you can send SMS to your customers at different occasions and events without doing it manually. This not only saves a lot of time but also reduces the chances of errors to a larger extent.

This way a lot of innovation in the content sent has been made to optimally use this widespread channel of SMS, making it an evergreen channel of customer communication and marketing.

SMS marketing has evolved and has changed business strategies for the better. There is no doubt that Broadnet Technologies has enhanced its SMS features and solution to catch up with the market essentials. Try Broadnet Technologies now to benefit from the utmost SMS experience that will grow your business rapidly.

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