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 To build your Christmas bulk SMS strategy. We’ve made some general advice that will fit all types of businesses and special tips for different industries

No matter what kind of business you run you can do these simple text marketing efforts at Christmas

  1. Last minute offers: Creating urgency brings you double profit. Especially in December, when almost all people are in the Christmas shopping race. The first profit is that people will react upon your call-to-action instantly, as they don’t have much time to beat around the bush – someone can get ahead of them! The second one is that you can control the flow of customers at your store or web-site and avoid stock that, by the way, may hang around even beyond December 24.
  2. Inform about your festive opening times: It will be cool if you use such simple way, as sending bulk sms text messages, to keep your business partners, suppliers and customers abreast of your working hours over the Christmas period.
  3. Connect with your staff promptly: Everything goes in a hectic pace during the Christmas season. That’s why you may even need extra staff to cope with pick periods. So, it’ll be important for you to stay connected with your workers nearly all the time and be sure that you can get a speedy response about shift availability times from them. You can accomplish this by just sending out your staff bulk sms text messages.
  4. Christmas congratulations: Make your customers and business partners feel special – send them personalized Christmas congratulations via text messages. This simple thing will help you to maintain emotional connection with them.

See what’s interesting you can do with bulk sms text marketing in your industry at Christmas, For example:


Statistically, more and more people use their smartphones to buy Christmas presents. They also say that purchasing online at Christmas makes people more impulsive shoppers. So, with understanding this nature of Christmas impulse buys, why not to jump on board and text your customers eye-catching deals?

Restaurants / cafes / bars/ nightclubs

There’s a very sweet and cute way to gently remind your customers about your café or restaurant during the Christmas season. 

And of course, don’t ignore such obvious thing as telling your customers that they can book a Christmas party with you via text messages and necessarily give them some festive discounts.

 Christmas is that lovely time of the year in which you have to develop a powerful text marketing campaign.

Christmas occasion provides brands several ways to connect with your audiences. Use this strategic time to connect with your audiences by developing a meaningful marketing message around your brand persona. The entire messages should be developed and composed and managed in such a way that it can holistically pinpoint your ideas simplistically.

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