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Your first SMS marketing campaign if done right, it opens doors of new business opportunities.

There are different ways that you can engineer SMS marketing campaigns to be successful. Some techniques will be more effective than others. A lot will depend on your audience and the type of industry you’re in. 

Excited to send out your first SMS marketing campaign? You’ve grown your list of the database, familiarized yourself with how it all works, and you’re finally ready to SMS your customers. Here’s some basic beginner guidelines.

  • First, to start with your SMS campaign, you have to make sure each campaign creates value. 

Start with yourself before sending any SMS campaign to your clients. You should ask yourself 

“Does this SMS create value for my subscribers?” If you’re doubtful or unsure, don’t send the campaign since if you put yourself in the shoes of the customer you would rather not receive this SMS at all. Would you like to receive worthless texts from a business you love? Apparently not. Moreover, these invaluable text messages may become a problem and cause customers to unsubscribe. It could harm your brand image. The bottom line is, make sure every text you send creates real value for customers and makes them always want to hear from you. 

  • Second, you have to watch out from repeating yourself so you have to pay attention to the frequency of sending. 

You need to avoid sending your subscribers more SMS than what they expect. This can and will become annoying to your customers and encourage them to opt-out. Think about how many messages per month you’d like to receive from your business and stick to that number and think of the offer you’re sending out should be one heck of a deal.

Third, to make it an appealing text, you should start your text off with the hot deal you are offering. You get 160 characters to get your SMS across, and that’s it. Your customers are busy, and probably on the run. With those two things in mind, cut right to the chase. Put your coupon, promo, or other important messages out there first. 

  • Lastly, you should include a direct call to action in your text. After the client has read and checked your offering, the client should also experience the immediate action result which comes after you include a phrase encouraging the recipients to visit the store let’s say or even check your collection and so on. 

These are the steps you have to follow to excel in your first SMS campaign.

Here at Broadnet we are the SMS marketing specialists, our prices are reasonable, our system is quick and simple to use and also jam-packed full of features.

SMS marketing is simple, effective and can return astonishing results. So why not start your SMS marketing adventure today with us. And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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