Bulk SMS marketing may seem like an out-of-date means of communication compared to modern messengers and social media. However, its underdog status makes BULK SMS refreshingly engaging, and yes – a successful marketing channel to boost your business.

So, ready to give Bulk SMS marketing a shot? Keep in mind that mistreating the privilege of having access to someone’s phone inbox is a costly mistake. So, let’s see which Bulk SMS marketing strategies will help you boost your sales, and which mistakes you definitely shouldn’t make.

If you think Bulk SMS marketing is somehow obsolete, you might be thinking about your marketing strategy wrong.

  1. Two magic words – target and segment!

Bulk messages are a good choice for some general sales, discounts, and information. For everything else, focus on targeted bulk SMS marketing for various segments of your audience. Once you do that, customer relationship management apps or features can help you analyze responses and find designs that will help you fine-tune your messages. 

  1. Find the right time and frequency

Since Bulk BULK SMS feels a bit more personal than classical ads or emails, it is fairly easy to cross the line into the pushy and spam-my zone. Nailing down the right tone, frequency, and time of your messages will help you steer clear from that zone. Similarly, the frequency of your messages can make or break your bulk SMS marketing efforts. Around 75% of consumers are fine with receiving Bulk SMS messages from brands – but you shouldn’t overstay your welcome.

  1. Use words clearly 

Although writing a simple BULK SMS marketing may sound like the simplest thing in the world, putting a compelling offer into 160 characters can be a significant challenge. So, unless you are a great copywriter, hire one, or learn the intricacies of BULK SMS communication.

  1. Use a strong call to action

The importance of a clear call to action in BULK SMS marketing cannot be overstated, so there is a special section dedicated to it. As we already said, the nature of BULK SMS lies in the sense of urgency and immediate response. While ads or email marketing can serve different purposes such as informing or educating your customers, the sole purpose of BULK SMS marketing is to prompt customers to do something. 

  1. Final step – get personal

Using BULK SMS marketing to wish your customers a happy birthday or inform them about discounts on items they prefer is a great way to ensure actionable engagement from customers. Another trick up experienced BULK SMS marketers’ sleeve reminding customers of their previous purchases and recommending items based on them. 

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