Text messaging is a popular, effective marketing solution for a wide variety of industries. Texts have high open rates and response rates. They’re also popular with clients, who often prefer to receive a text than a phone call or email.

Here are the industries that are making the most of Text messaging

  • Retail

Retail stores were one of the first sectors to hop onto the text message marketing train. The most popular text activity for retailers is sending out coupons and discounts to opted-in clients.

Since many customers are often bombarded with retail bulk SMS messages, you need to make yours stand out, e.g. by personalizing it, such as by addressing the customer by name, and make it targeted, e.g. by sending promotions and discounts for products that you know the customer likes based on their purchasing history.

  • Restaurants and Hotels

Businesses dedicated to the hospitality industry can incorporate texting into their marketing programs by offering exclusive discounts and offers to customers opted into their bulk SMS loyalty program. Hotels can benefit from an increase in bookings and revenues as a result of implementing successful text messaging programs. In addition, hotels can fill empty rooms by offering promotions on dates when reservations are low.

  • Finance

Bulk SMS is a highly popular method of communication in the financial sector. Banks can take advantage of texting to increase customer security by sending text alerts when they spot unusual account activity. Account balances and offers for loans and credit cards are also popular forms of customer service.

  • Travel Industry

Bulk SMS is the perfect marketing venue for the travel industry. That’s because much of traveling involves last-minute updates and details; hence, texts are ideal since they have high open rates and are usually opened within 3 minutes of being sent.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations have experienced increased charity event sales, increased awareness and improved communication among staff and volunteers by utilizing the power of texting. The ASPCA has been using Bulk SMS since 2008 to improve pet-care and raise funds for animal shelters.

  • Recruiting Agencies and HR

Human resources departments and recruitment agencies have enjoyed positive results from using bulk SMS to reach out to job candidates. The most widespread use of text messaging in this sector is to offer an interview via bulk SMS instead of calling or sending an email. That’s because the open rates for texts are much higher than for email or voice mail, and bulk SMS is also a discreet way to contact a candidate who is currently employed.

Text messaging has served businesses from various industries to excel in their work. 

If you own a business in one of these sectors and aren’t using text messaging and bulk SMS to reach out to your customers, now is a perfect time to start taking advantage of texting to improve sales, customer loyalty, and customer service. With Broadnet Technologies we cater to the best bulk SMS service for you to benefit your business perfectly.