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SMS marketing helps you drive your sales up during Mother’s day occasion.

Mother’s day is quite appealing, and many of your customers have yet to buy their mother something nice. This is why you should take advantage of this occasion and drive up your sales using SMS marketing in your strategy.

How can you get the last-minute shoppers into your business? With SMS marketing, it’s never too late to send out an SMS campaign. All you need to do is write a text, upload the data or choose a segment and choose a time to send. There’s no email to code, no designers are needed and no landing pages to create.

To leverage your sales on this occasion, here are some of our tips on how to get the most out of Mother’s Day:

  • Confirm bookings

For cafes and restaurants, Mothers’ day brunches and lunches can book up weeks in advance due to the bombarded schedule. Use SMS to confirm and remind customers about their reservations, minimizing the risk of no shows and maximizing your revenue. By using this technique, your business is always winning then. 

  • Promote special sales and discounts 

Sales and promotions are the most tried and tested ways to increase traffic during peak shopping times – but how will your customers know about the great offer you are having that will differentiate you from the competitors. Research designates that the average open rate for SMS is 98%, so your customers will be notified of your promotion with plenty of time to head into the store to find that excellent gift. People want to pamper their moms on this special occasion, so you have to pamper them with special discounts using SMS marketing.

  • Run an Unusual campaign: Show this SMS and get a FREE gift

Need that extra little feature of difference? Send an SMS offering a FREE gift if the customer displays the SMS in-store – this makes the customer an active participant in the promotion, setting you apart from the dozens of “20% to 30%off” promotions. The customer this way will have an incentive to go and visit your store and go for 

  • Send Reminders as SMS 

If you are running an online business and looking to increase your traffic? Use SMS marketing services to remind customers to order by a certain time to guarantee delivery before the special day or even a special discount if they will purchase using a definite code. This will drive your sales as well as lessen the likelihood of dissatisfied customers.

 Boost sales this Mothers’ Day and engage customers employing SMS marketing.

Companies from the various business fields can benefit from mother’s day, each one in its way.

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