These days’ businesses are using SMS Marketing to stand ahead of the rest in the emerging competition. This is the only marketing strategy which is cost-effective and creates awareness among those who do not want to consider or look at the offer. This helps in building the brand identity as text messages have very high open rates. The guide to attracting customers is to keep them engaged in your business by sending SMS’s whenever required.

How Marketers Are Using SMS To Promote Brand Awareness?

There is a perception that SMS‘s are only used to make confirmations and announcement which is absolutely wrong. Companies are using SMS marketing as an effective tool to increase their conversion rates, to build a longer customer relationship and to nurture loyalty. Below mentioned are a few ways used by marketers to promote brand awareness through SMS marketing.

• Businesses can use it as a benchmark for covering all bases: Businesses can send text messages to any part of the world. Reaching a large number of customers worldwide is cost-effective as the open rates of messages are very high. People used to read messages as soon as they receive it or within a few minutes of receiving. This is the easiest and efficient way to popularise your business by creating awareness even to those who cannot take up your offer at the moment.

• Businesses determine customers who are still active in the business: Customers treat personalised messages very sincerely. So, sending a message by mentioning customer’s name gets an immediate response. In this way, businesses can keep a record of honest customers by saving on email and admin cost.

• Businesses can send offers to customers: SMS marketing is very effective in sending offers to the customers to get an instant response. Offers of trade stores and outlets get an amazing response.

• SMS marketing can be integrated with email marketing: SMS marketing is cost effective and simple that can be integrated with any other marketing channel. Integrating it with email campaigns can eventually turn into conversions. It also allows tracking customer’s activity through SMS.

Last but not least, it is important to note that BroadNet Technologies guarantees a timely service for our potential clients. Get in touch with us and let’s help you implement your SMS Marketing strategy!

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