BULK SMS is the fastest credible way to boost your sales and awareness on Black Friday!

Ahead, we explain why texting is crucial to a successful Black Friday campaign along with SMS examples you can use to drive customer purchases.

While shoppers may not yet be thinking of Black Friday deals, your business should already be well into the process of setting up a promotional strategy for the upcoming shopping holiday. OK, or at least thinking about what you plan to do. 

There’s no deficiency of shopping events around the holiday season. We have Cyber Monday, Green Friday, Cyber Week, and Small Business Saturday, but none compare to the popularity or revenue that Black Friday generates year after year.

Gather an opt-in list ahead of Black Friday

With a two-way texting system in place, gathering a list of customer phone numbers is your next priority. This can be done in various ways, but one of the easiest methods is by placing advertisements across your communication channels with keywords, letting customers know they can get Black Friday deals sent directly to their phones.

Keywords are created with texting software and are tied to an auto-response. Customers text the keyword, like BLACKFRIDAY, to your business phone number, and they’ll immediately receive an automated response that confirms their opt-in. Common ad placements include:

  • In-store. If you have a physical location, post ads throughout your store and at checkout.
  • On your website via an eye-catching banner
  • In your marketing emails. Dedicate an entire email or add a banner to highlight the message.
  • On social media. Pin a post to your page for every visitor to see.

Text campaign examples for Black Friday

Managing a Black Friday SMS campaign without using business-texting software will be overwhelming. When looking for a texting tool, look out for features that make planning and customer engagement easier to manage.

  • Scheduling. A scheduling feature will be your best friend this Black Friday. Set up your campaign by scheduling texts in advance. You won’t have to keep track of sending sale reminders to your contact list; texting software automates the process.
  • Keywords. As mentioned above, keywords can be used to gather an opt-in list, but there’s so much more your business can do with them.
  • Auto-replies. Just like keywords, auto-replies have many uses. In terms of customer service, it comes in handy in situations like when your business receives a text after hours. Set up an auto-reply that says something like, “Thanks for your message! We’re currently closed, but someone will reply to your text tomorrow morning when we’re back in the shop. Talk soon!” The recipient isn’t left hanging and expects when they’ll be helped.

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Black Friday is one of your busiest sales events of the year. It’s your chance to make up for lost revenue and to grow your customer base. In preparation for the big event, many retailers use BULK SMS to advertise and to get customers excited about what’s to come. BroadNet has been always there for its clients’ success in black friday campaigns. 

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