Bulk SMS are redefining the way businesses are conducted .With the rise of businesses that are changing the marketing landscape, it requires little to say that bulk SMS are helping businesses across processes to achieve goal. Please find below some of the most important ways bulk SMS services are helping businesses to shine!

First of all, let us have some basic facts as to how much important has SMS become!

  • SMS have an open rate of 95%
  • A good number of smartphone owners rely on SMS or aligned services to compare, choose and buy a product.
  • Coupons delivered through SMS have better redemption rate

The key benefits associated with bulk SMS

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s opt-in and easy to opt-out
  • It’s interactive
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Speed and flexibility

It’s cheap

Bulk SMS have the nature of being sent to so many pinpointed audiences at a cost any businesses can afford, if they have far sighted aim and readily available fund for low cost yet highly effective marketing.

It’s opt-in and easy to opt-out

When people receive a message, they opt-in and hence they receive it. Whereas; if anyone at any point of time wish to opt out of the messages, they can do so simply by sending specific message to the sender.

It’s interactive

Bulk SMS marketing has the nature of being interactive. It’s easy to read and is quick and has the feature of being simple. Its interactivity makes it a truly great alternative to all the existing medium of message.

Easy to operate and use

Bulk SMS marketing is easy to manage with the help of experts. A consumer can easily channelize his or her understanding with the usability and functionality of SMS using bulk-messaging solutions. Because of being simple and easy and has a great base; it is simply easy and useful for people to use SMS and for businesses.

Generate repeat sales

Bulk SMS marketing is known to generate higher number of sales. It is easy to operate and has been known to be useful for pinpointing the message and then simplistically channelizing your efforts as a marketer.

Speed and flexibility

Bulk SMS marketing is useful because it is flexible and speedy. So, always trust this for smooth communication and also uplift profit