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Statistics indicate that 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Bulk SMS is the best marketing platform for startups. Many businesses use SMS to communicate efficiently and effectively with customers. Facebook , Google, Viber, Amazon, PayPal, Uber etc are using this tool for branding and marketing.

For that, we want to highlight the importance of bulk SMS in the startup industry.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a method through which a startup can send relevant messages to a particular audience base. These messages could be both promotional (product offers, deals, discount coupons…) and transactional in nature (such as banks…)

How Can Bulk SMS Help Startups?

Startups should utilize the bulk SMS marketing strategy and keep aside a substantial recurrent budget. Why? If the above statistics are not convincing, here are more reasons.

Brevity of Messages

Startups can utilize the brevity of SMS by conveying the marketing intent in 160 characters! The SMS content is short and crisp, targeted and intent-based. For instance, app-based startups can introduce the app and share a direct download link in the SMS.

Reliability and Cost

Startups need to buy bulk SMS packages, upload their mobile database, write promotional SMS and schedule the campaigns. Given the cost of bulk SMS packages, the cost of user acquisition is negligible, few cents at a maximum. It has low investment and high ROI.


The cost of bulk SMS for startups is affordable. Genuine bulk SMS service providers like BroadNet charge 0.0018 per SMS fee, depending on the target country and chosen package. Broadnet offers a robust mobile solution platform where you can target any user globally. They have connections with over 400 operators and carriers; their quality and reliability of service are unmatched.

There are tracking tools to measure theeffectiveness of the campaign. There are options to schedule deliveries, customize messages through micro-targeting, and monitor credit usage.

A startup should ensure that the SMS message is to-the-point. Best performance reports are seen with SMS messages having a clear Call-To-Action (CTA), like an app download or direct link to the website.


In short, bulk SMS helps a startup to spread their marketing net widely, cost-effectively, and in a short amount of time, which leads to higher ROI.