A bulk SMS can be used in so many ways. Usually; organizations can use bulk SMS to let flyers know of a new rule, updates, regulation thereby saving time, effort and money. Government can use bulk SMS to keep its masses learn about the country situations, institutions can use bulk SMS to make its students connected with educational updates. Read more about bulk SMS

Communication uncomplicated. Communication bridges the gaps of thoughts. When used properly, it can play life saving roles. Bulk SMS is perhaps one of the most realistic examples that how effective communication when transmitted properly using the right medium, and right time, can change things.

The Wows of Bulk SMS

  • Bulk SMS is affordable
  • It has high open rates
  • It is easy to track and offers reliable and insightful information for research
  • Connecting and communicating with audiences is easy and fast
  • It provides ways to develop a personalized communication

However, is it all that BULK SMS do? Or is there something more to it? Actually; in this competitive world where the means of communication is constantly evolving and when we are seeing new modes of communication being used; bulk SMS remains largely underrated. It in fact has a great scope of realistic communication.

Blood donation camp, need for blood drive

Bulk SMS can be used to request for blood donors for emergencies. It can be used to inspire people come together and organize blood donation camps and to communicate others about this event.

Weather alert to citizen

The people of a country, a region in specific can be alerted about a weather crisis using bulk SMS services. It can play a life saving role when people act on the message.

Precautions on health and safety

Government agencies can alert people of a crisis, issue health advisory, guide masses about how to ignore a health hazard by sending bulk SMS. It has immense prospect to save lives.

Other ways bulk SMS can save lives

Problem travelling a particular destination? Bulk SMS can alert people to avoid the place in order to save lives.

New emergency? A new emergency has suddenly occurred leaving the situation prone to be rumored? Using bulk SMS, people can be pit alert.

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