Bulk SMS Is Your Secret Weapon

BroadNet Technologies has been a leading worldwide provider of Bulk SMS services in the past 15 years. International companies that have dealt with us have seen a direct considerable increase in their sales. If you want your business to witness the same impact, look no more!

Use Bulk SMS To Take Advantage Of Valentine’s

Saint Valentine’s Day is the most celebrated annual festival related to romantic love, where couples gather across the globe to share some precious moments. From a business point of view, Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on, by promoting gifts that are usually offered in between couples.

A lover is always looking to impress his or her partner by sending them amazing gifts on this special day. Most people even go as far as planning for this day weeks, if not months prior to the festival, by making sure that they have saved enough money. Which means that the willingness of customers to put cash on the table is at a high rate ahead of Valentine’s.

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective marketing ways to boost your sales, because an SMS has an open rate of above 96%, considerably higher than an email’s 25%. The same can be said when comparing Bulk SMS against social media platforms. You can therefore easily catch the attention of a potential customer via sending SMS as you already know that they will almost certainly read it.

Meanwhile on social media, let’s take each and every one of us as an example. How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many pages are you subscribed to? How often do you see every single post that pops up on your timeline? Do you check your timeline every single day even when you have a lot of pressure at work? The obvious answer is no.

It is now even more difficult than ever to see posts on Facebook, with the American company prioritizing the visibility of posts with paid ads, making organic search less effective than ever. Besides the fact that Facebook’s algorithms for organic search is extremely complicated to understand, and keeps updating itself every now and then. Likewise for Twitter, Instagram and the other platforms where there is no guaranteed way of making your post reach high visibility without paying for ads. But even in this case, stats show that most people ignore these ads and don’t press on the links.

Meanwhile in Bulk SMS, the message is always short and straight to the point. It is usually written by experts who know how to create catchy, engaging content. It can often be followed by a short link, with a call to action. This can sometimes be a link to their social media platforms, where there will be relevant information about said business. So if your Facebook page is struggling to catch attention, a catchy SMS can do just that for you. SMS is much cheaper than any other marketing ways, including paid ads on Facebook. This would be an effective and efficient strategy at the same time.

And Now What?

Now that you’ve caught your client’s attention, it is the convenient time to market your products and/or services in a moment where most people are prepared to splash their cash. Depending on what your business has to offer, you can market various items such as candy, sweets, flowers, jewelry, shoes, perfumes et al

As a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day contributed about $19.6 billion to the American economy in 2018

So if you are a business, Valentine’s Day is a gold mine. What are you still waiting for? Contact us at BroadNet Technology and let’s use Bulk SMS to boost your sales!

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