Bulk SMS Marketing is a quick way to convert your active database of audience to be customers, as SMS Campaign have greater reach ability and open rate compared to other forms of marketing such as email campaigns

Sometimes, a TV commercial could cost as much as $5 million for a mere 30-seconds timeframe. Now, what if a business could achieve same level of audience engagement that a TV commercial does or even exceed it in scale by paying a fraction of the cost? Welcome to SMS marketing – the old frontier of communication that is still the gold standard of advertisement. Dirt-cheap yet highly effective; there’re more to SMS that just seems. Please read on!

Content Of The Article –

• What is SMS?

• Benefits of SMS

• What is SMS marketing?

• What is the goal of SMS marketing?

• Statistics on SMS marketing

• Tinder: SMS marketing case study

• The evolving trends of SMS marketing

• How to positively leverage on the power of SMS marketing?

• How not to use SMS marketing

• BroadNet’s SMS marketing

What is SMS?

We all know about SMS, isn’t it? However, how many of us actually know what its full form is? SMS is short for short messaging service. Usually it is defined as text message – of up to 160 characters that is delivered to the recipients on their mobile phones.

Top Benefits of SMS

• SMS plays an extremely cost effective alternative to popular marketing channels

• It is non-intrusive. It does not interfere with the activity a recipient does when s/he receives an SMS

• It works as a real-time two way communication

• It directly reaches the recipient’s mobile phone. No obstacle – quick, simple!

• SMS can be tweaked according to the volume of attendees

• It can be forwarded, stored for later use

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing – short for short message service marketing – is the process, which leverages on text messaging platform to share promotional messages. In other words, it the act of sending promotional messages to people who want to receive the communication.

What is the goal of SMS marketing campaign?

The goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of active audiences, who could turn out to be customers. In the broader sense, it refers to the act of identifying prospects, developing an active database of their information, connecting with them by managing a systematic communication and most importantly building a long-standing positive, mutually beneficial attitude.

Businesses – irrespective of verticals – leverage on the power of standalone marketing platforms in order to achieve continued growth. SMS marketing provides them complete security and affordability to score well. Companies that seek to develop a long-standing footprint for their business makes SMS marketing one of the core focus of their marketing technique.

Statistics on SMS marketing

Many interesting revelations about SMS marketing has so far been surfaced from standalone research and other types of measurable studies. SMS campaigns have greater reach ability and open rate compared to other forms of marketing such as email campaigns. A lot of people that is a whopping 70% user rely on SMS opt-in or other type of mobile device solutions to make informed purchasing activity. Coupons delivered using SMS usually enjoy redemption rate that is 10 times higher than printed coupons.

Few SMS marketing messages received are considered as spam. A whopping 90 percent of messages are read in as little as three minutes. These are just a few of the many facts about SMS marketing. In its entirety, it can be reasonably concluded that SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective and highly engaged form of marketing that is trusted by businesses from all around the world.

Tinder: SMS marketing case study

Tinder – the leading dating app available today – is an excellent example of how an idea can be popularized using SMS. Here’s a report from Business Insider – where answering the question How did you know Tinder was an instant hit?, a founder of the app, Rad, said – We had the app. Justin was figuring out how to promote it. Then one day he took everyone’s phones and spammed all of our address books, including his own. I thought, “OK, this probably isn’t going to work, but let’s try it.”

We texted literally 500 people; immediately, 80% of the people we texted signed up. The next day, we grew 50%. And I thought, “Wow, that’s shocking.” The metrics and the engagement were shocking. We had to fact-check what we were seeing.

The above quote is sourced from this website

So, the power of SMS cannot be simply underestimated. It serves as an accessible and highly targeted form of marketing that works and get the messaging out. There are many other case studies that represent the power of SMS marketing.

The evolving trends of SMS marketing

SMS marketing changes its design, format and basis – based on the need of the time and depending on the preferences and priorities of the end consumers. But the edge and perfection remain intact.

SMS marketing is evolving, and although its format remains unchanged, it keeps changing in intensity and scope. Here are some of the top trends that are defining the existing time –

Need for compliance and adhering to the standard rules and regulations like TCPA in order to safeguard consumer rights has become urgency

Introduction of artificial intelligence in channelizing the efforts of SMS marketing is the talk of the day. The need for integrating the SMS with changing preference of consumers and improving the adaptability across new platforms such as smart-phones is crucial

Marketers want to leverage on SMS marketing, but they need more engagement and for that SMS marketing companies are channelizing their efforts in developing high quality, engagement-oriented content

How to positively leverage on the power of SMS marketing?

• Create clear deliverables

• Plan ahead

• Know your audience

• Write effective messages

• Use call to action

• Understand what is the good time to send

• Promote opt-in across media

• Focus on the best clients

• Create clear deliverables

Understand why you are in the game, what you can deliver as a company, know your core areas of strength and limitations. Measure your budget and develop a strategy.

• Plan ahead

Never make hurry while making a strategy. Plan ahead, and not while in the game. Use case studies and learn how to beat the race and edge ahead

• Know your audience

One of the most costly mistakes companies make is to send SMS to wrong set of audience. This is a blunder. Research the market, learn from competition and prepare a curated list of audiences who read and react rather than those who ignore and forget

• Write effective messages

One of the core ingredients of SMS marketing is content or text. An uninteresting text message does not convert whereas effective copy gets read and convince reader to make an action

• Use call to action

Your call to action need to be simple and to the point, generating interest – quickly!

• Understand what is the good time to send SMS

Because no one is free today, learn what is the good time to send SMS. Usually, an effective SMS does not make a delay while it always arrives on time!

Other than the above-mentioned points, it is very important that you Promote opt-in across media and focus on the best clients.

• How not to use SMS marketing

Do not spam, maintain professionalism, do not send messages that might bring your reputation down, always maintain integrity, and make sure you engage your audience holistically rather than connect with them solely for profit.

Broadnet’s SMS marketing

Broadnet is a leading SMS solutions provider, with an impressive footprint in the industry. The company provides a fully operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new business environments. This SMS platform enables businesses to achieve highest quality service and effective support compliance handling. Broadnet helps different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to gain new customers through its professional services.

Why BroadNet SMS?

• Large SMS International Coverage

• Fast SMS Delivery

• 24/7 SMS Support

• No Setup Charge for any SMS account

• No Minimum SMS to Purchase

• No Hidden Cost for any SMS package

• No Port Fees for SMS

Broadnet SMS advantage

As their website states “Broadnet has a state-of-the-art and effective mobile platform which is guaranteed to offer a direct, real-time and riveting experience for users and SMS is just the ticket to put your message across them. When it comes to either acquiring or dealing with business critical content, passwords or push marketing, the company has the answer for each of these of your business concerns.”

With Broadnet as you trusted, single source provider of custom bulk SMS marketing solutions, you as a business entity can achieve long-standing customer engagement and high conversion rate.

To learn more about Broadnet’s SMS solutions and how it can help you grow; please feel free to visit their website here


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