Bulk SMS services let the user send SMS to bulk senders which they can upload manually on the system to target audience. Being one of the most popular platforms of promotion, these services are now used by many enterprises and SMEs. Giving the convenience of sending message to lakh of people at same time, it has become the most preferred way of sending SMS. So, you can reach to your target customers at your convenient timing.

The bulk SMS API services actually let the corporate to connect with the global SMS networks without getting into the deal of telecom contracts and other complex messaging protocols. Under this, API (i.e. application programming interface) actually let the functions of one computer programs available to another computer program by using a standard protocol which is known to the programmer of both the programs. It is one of the simplest and most efficient methods that do not require any complex messaging protocol, any telecom contract or routing services.

Where on one end, bulk SMS service let the service user send SMS directly from the SMS platform, on the other end the bulk SMS API services is actually a programming interface which integrates a website or an application to send SMSs directly from their respective platform.

The advantage of SMS API over the simple bulk SMS service is that it let the whole procedure become automated making it convenient for you to work with this service.

Apart from this, some of the common advantages of both these services are:

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  • It let you deliver you message at a time to lakhs of people.
  • It is one of the cheapest way of reaching out to your potential and existing customers
  • It can be delivered instantly with just one click
  • It is the most reliable and redundant way of communicating with your target customers.
  • It let you work on user friendly control panel
  • It gives you connectivity to multiple gateways
  • It is the hassle free way which requires minimal human interference