To the e-commerce website owner, bulk SMS is simply the process of disseminating large volumes of SMS messages to an intended audience.

Bulk SMS messages services provide e-commerce website owners with a unique opportunity. They can bridge the gap in customer service offerings with SMS technology, which will develop e-commerce conversions over time. Depending on how and where you use your texts will determine if you can streamline your site to sell more goods to your ideal customer base.

This audience is usually made up of past customers or fans who have opted-in to an SMS messages list that is promoted on the website. Your goal as an online seller is to use bulk SMS messages to improve the conversion rates across all of these key areas. Some sellers do it using online marketing tactics or social media. By far, the most practical and highest conversion channel of them all is still SMS messages.

Customer Service:

  • Customer service can be improved with bulk SMS as the customer will be able to text your brand with queries, comments or insights on your service. For example, if a customer purchases a product and then discovers that the product is broken, they can text the problem to customer service. 

Customer Retention and Repeat Purchasing

  • Customer retention and repeat purchasing is improved with bulk SMS messages as shoppers are encouraged to buy more, and more often with special discounts and promotions. 

Payment Security

  • Payment security that discourages many weary shoppers from making it through the checkout process is improved with two-factor authentication. The customer will be sent a special code on their mobile phone before their payment will be accepted, thereby reducing the chances of credit card fraud or theft. 

Website Loyalty Program

  • Finally, your e-commerce site will enjoy running your very own loyalty program via bulk SMS messages. Reward your repeat customers, entice new customers to buy and run great competitions that benefit your customer base. For example, reward your repeat customers with exclusive discounts only available to your SMS list around special holidays.

The truth about e-commerce conversions

It’s one thing to claim that bulk SMS can improve your conversions, and another to see just how much the average online seller can benefit from launching an SMS campaign.

With SMS fast becoming a permanent fixture on global e-commerce websites, this perhaps is evidence enough.

If you are looking for a viable way to rapidly improve your e-commerce sales this year, you’d do well to consider implementing bulk SMS messages into your marketing plans. Online merchants need to keep an open mind about the technology they use to get results. Check our Broadnet Technologies website today and take advantage of free unlimited testing for your campaigns started.

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