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  Bulk SMS service gives the benefit of a text message being sent very quickly and hence it is highly beneficial to the commercial people to reach thousands of individuals at a time.

The meaning and the concept of bulk SMS have developed over the years within the marketing industry. That special ring alerts the user about the delivery of new SMS, a new offer, or promotion from a variety of businesses. With that said, companies and commercial organizations have started implementing this SMS service for their benefit by sending Bulk SMS.

Types of Bulk SMS Services:

  • Promotional Bulk SMS Servicebelongs to the advertising purpose about a service or a product and showing the offer or the promotion the company has for its offering.
  • Transactional Bulk SMS Serviceindicates the SMS sent by financial institutes like insurance companies, banks, and credit card companies. Moreover, government bodies, educational institutes, and other registered bodies also belong to this category.
  • International Bulk SMS Servicerefers to the SMS sent to other countries. Mobile handsets of other countries will receive them all around the world with no complications.

Bulk SMS Services Provider, like us at Broadnet Technologies, is the company that manages for sending these text messages to the recipients’ mobiles in a very quick and efficient manner. Also, the Bulk SMS can easily include pictures, videos, and sound files. Usually, the term ‘SMS’ Short Message Service reftos to the messages aa nd not the services or about the process.

let’s go down with the features of SMS : 

Features of Bulk SMS Service:

  • One single SMS can include 160 characters
  • Broadnet Technologies Bulk SMS Service Providerallows their clients to login into their allocated portal and send Bulk SMS directly for the people in their database or mailing list. For this, they have to purchase some packages that will provide them access of this facility for certain period.
  • In case, clients favor the service providers to send the SMS to the database of the Bulk SMS service provider, then it also can be prepared for free or for some fixed charges. 
  • Depending upon the SMS and the speed, there exist several types of Bulk SMS Services.
  • Messages can be scheduled and sent automatically.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Service:

  • With one button push, thousands of personalized text messages are sent instantly and simultaneously.
  • This is cost-effective advertising reaching many individuals within a very short period.
  • The best Bulk SMS Services Providers like Broadnet protect the details of both the end recipients and their clients’.

The very purpose of SMS is to send messages to the people who are interested to know more about your offerings and look forward to hearing from you.

With Bulk SMS service, people who have engaged and joined in a members list for receiving these messages will receive them. So, bulk SMS service enhances your business and gives it the chance to excel and connect you to your customers to build a friendly environment with your business circle.