Bulk SMS service is a major aspect of Marketing. Through bulk SMS service 100% market can be reached and can have instant delivery with bulk messages. It takes just 3 sec for message delivery. Bulk SMS helps you to send 1000s of SMS’s in One Go to several recipients.

Bulk SMS has changed the marketing viewpoint by providing a platform, where you can connect with a large audience base without even depending on Internet Connection. Through Bulk SMS, you can influence a large target audience within 160 words.

Plenty of businesses have experienced commercial success by using Bulk SMS service in their marketing strategy due to its ultimate advantages.

SMS service comes with thousands of advantages, but we will be taking 4 to make you consider start NOW with the SMS service. 


  • Higher Readability:Bulk SMS proves to be more reliable as with a high readability rate as compare to any other source of sharing information, such as social media platforms where you find all the ads, and info bombarded within the same medium. In terms of statistics, 97% of bulk SMS is being opened within 4 minutes whereas emails, for example, are not read even after 48 hours. Which directly shows, how effective SMS works during any Marketing campaign. Bulk Messages are easy and short to read so it becomes easier to communicate the information and it also shows that you are wasting your sales cost.
  • On-the-spot Deliverability:Bulk SMS service comes with an ultimate feature of Instant Deliverability. Bulk messages are just another way of reaching your target audience in seconds. It just takes milliseconds to reach an SMS from the sender to the recipient. Through Bulk SMS service, companies can reach their customers without any trouble or delay.
  • Effective Reachability:With Bulk SMS Service, it became easier for the Marketing Team to capture a large target audience and with a single go one can send lots of messages. Even today with new features, these bulk messages can be rescheduled or put on the automation process that also helps to retain the target audience.
  • Very Personalized & Customized:Bulk messages can be customized to the receiver and sent to their pockets within seconds. They can be personalized depending on the earlier ROI. They can even be area-based and besides, depending on gender, age, profession and so on. 

 Bulk sms service offers you a full segmentation which will make you reach your clients in an effective way.

Speaking of segmentation, BroadNet Technologies provides you a full database wherever you are, this database can be highly targeted through age, gender, classes, areas, nations, etc. Moreover, nowadays companies are going through the major issue of Marketing and Customer Satisfaction and for that, they require Bulk SMS Service. To provide the Best SMS service in the international region, BroadNet Technologies offers your business the gateway to success through its power of database as well as the ultimate power of SMS service and all of its aspects. 

There’s no time left!! The world is constantly changing and becoming the world of SMS and database!

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