These bulk SMS marketing trends have taken this marketing channel to a great height so all of its campaigns are result oriented and performance driven .

Bulk SMS Marketing is not only an effective marketing tool but it has the power of dominating potentiality of business. The short message which is limited to only 160 characters has the capability to reach the massive population across the globe. The SMS technology has the capability to impact the business in a way to drive huge Return on Investment by carrying out different SMS techniques.

SMS marketing has overruled email services and social media due to its profitable returns at low financing. Many professionals conclude that they are more convenient and pleased with the mobile phone rather than social media. So, even after the arrival of social media and messaging apps an SMS still ruling the market and is more convenient for mobile phone users.

Here are some marketing trends of Bulk SMS that are running successfully in today’s market.

• Integration Of Artificial Intelligence And Automation Via SMS

We are living in the world of technology which is setting a new standard every other day. It has introduced chat bots, Digital Genius etc that communicate with humans in a proper manner.

• SMS And Applications

There are thousands of applications available for mobile phone users to send messages such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp etc. but, the idea of sending bulk SMS through applications is still not favoured. Customers use these apps for their entertainment, social connections and customer service. Due to this, Bulk SMS is still dominating the market.

• Connection With A Genuine Audience

SMS marketing has its own rules and regulations. SMS laws don’t allow sending a message without the consumer’s approval. In this way, the messages are received by those who are genuinely interested. This allowed businesses to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with the genuine customers. To contact more prospects a business can use any social media platform such as Facebook or twitter for communication.

• Real Time

SMS marketing is a real-time communication method. Other potential channels of marketing need enough time to broadcast the campaign that has no guarantee that it reaches to all its targeted audience. But, SMS marketing can be delivered and received by all its customers at the same time. In the last few years, there has seen an increase in the SMS traffic and it continues to increased growth every year.

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