International Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider, Reseller UAE - BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies, headquartered in Lebanon, is at the cutting-edge of the telecommunication technology and yet evolving faster with each passing day. The Company, witnessing a gigantic demand for bulk SMS services in the few recent years among the legion of global businesspersons has come up with a special offer about the bulk SMS services. The special offer is intended for corporate executives as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The offer covers two types of SMS services including transactional and promotional. 

To differentiate between transactional SMS and promotional SMS, let us assume an ecommerce website dealing in the sale of electronic items. They use of transactional SMS stands to reason in the instance when they intend to give notifications to the customers about the shopping done by them; for example the order of confirmation and the consignment updates. On the other hand, if the same ecommerce company intends to deliver notification related to company’s offers, deals and new products, the use of promotional SMS is logical.

In order to ensure bulk SMS services work like a dream, BroadNet Technologies has always been selling its state-of-the-art SMS gateway and HLR lookup services to its customers with a demand for the same. Moreover, the company’s A2p SMS works remarkably with its customer’s software program when it comes to sending SMS to a multitude of mobile numbers in huge volume.

You can reap the following benefits using BroadNet Technologies’ Bulk SMS Services:

  • A-one quality
  • Maximum Accuracy
  • Instant delivery of messages
  • Ease of use internet interface
  • Unlimited Free Sender IDs
  • 99% service uptime
  • Seamless service experience.
  • Assured SMS Delivery to all mobile networks in the world.
  • Dyed-in-the-wool SMS bandwidth for the users with maximum usage.
  • Divers connectivity from diverse mobile operators
  • Maximum security and privacy of client’s database.
  • Secured online transactions
  • Affordable prices- We offer high-grade quality SMS services at most affordable price rates.

Today BroadNet Technologies has more than 150 direct connections to operators and more than 400 different connections to operators and carriers across the world.

With the view to catering to the evolving needs and demand for Bulk SMS services, BroadNet Technologies has lately opened its two branch offices in London, UK and Dubai, UAE.