Today SMS technology increasingly receives prodigious mass acceptance because of the wondrous magic it does in marketing a business. One of the smartest features of SMS technique, if rightly implemented, is that it leverages the company’s position to a gigantic level in a short range of time. As a result of SMS technology, companies need not get in touch with their targeted audiences because the technology acts as a catalyst to marketing the business products and services towards mass audiences via SMS. With SMS, you have the possibility to send unlimited messages to your targeted messages in a very less span of time. Bulk SMS Software is a second-to-none choice of for users to send messages from their computer system via linked cell phone or USB device.

 “At BroadNet Technologies, we utilize path-breaking SMS Technology to help users sending text messages from PC through connected cell phone or USB phone. This software backs up all types of mobile operating systems such as GSM, Android and Windows. We believe that offering sumptuous and instant bulk SMS services is a great step in marketing the business of the clients and we take modest pride and great delight to mention that we do this consistently for the well-being of our clients’ business. Our bulk SMS services are being warmly espoused and appreciated by every international client we are in touch with.” Says Rabih Farah, CEO and Founder of BroadNet Technologies.


•             Enables users to send SMS to a host of targeted mass.

•             Send unlimited bulk text messages From PC to mobile.

•             No need of internet connection to send SMS to any location

•             Hold up thee delivery option to manage the hassle of sending SMS.

•             Add or paste contact number manually.               

•             Facilitate users to send SMS in English or non-English character endorsed language.

•             Compatible with all GSM, Android and Windows technology based device.

•             Enable users to save sent SMS for later view.

•             Automatically miss out repeated contact number entries.

In point of fact, Bulk SMS Services are a great way to urge customers to buy more and more products with special discount offers and also encourage customers for reiterating purchases. This telecommunication technology helps you reach out to your targeted audiences almost in a wink.  The group SMS is also instrumental in saving a lot of money and time irrespective of the number of SMS you send to your people.

BroadNet Technologies is at the forefront of the telecommunication industry and our client’s business goes from strength to strength as we continue to making the best effort in doing so for them.