International Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider, Reseller UAE - BroadNet Technologies

During the past few years, SMS continues to progressively attain prominence among people from all walks of life. For both start-ups and established businesses, SMS is a great way to market their business products/services. Yes, making a marketing campaign a sheer success via SMS is very easy, instant and effective as using tried and trusted bulk SMS software; one can send an unlimited number of promotional messages in the twinkling of an eye. Bulk SMS Software acts as a catalyst to send text messages from PC via connected cell phone or USB device. The tool is compatible with GSM, Android and Windows technology-based devices and help in sending SMS messages to a host of people irrespective of the global location they live in.

In point of fact, thankfully, businesspersons are blessed with the boon to market their business products/services via Android Bulk SMS software.

“We at BroadNet Technologies consider it very strongly to make the business initiative of our customers a real success. And with this in mind, we focus on marketing the company’s business via Android Bulk SMS software, particularly for the targeted users using Android mobile devices. We are convinced that our software will work favourably in marketing your business products/services”, says Rabih Farah, CEO and founder of BroadNet Technologies

Our Android Bulk SMS Software Features:

1. Deliver SMS messages to a host of individuals instantly.

2. Android Bulk SMS Software has the option to send SMS containing non-English (Unicode) characters.

3. The software is instrumental in sending SMS without the internet connection.

4. Sent messages can readily be saved and viewed by the user.