Today text messaging is one of the most popular and proven ways to help people get in touch with one another effectively and instantly. Looking at the fast developing phase of telecommunication technology, BroadNet Technologies has lately released spanking-new Bulk SMS Software version 4.0 boasting of a variety of advanced features. 

Bulk text messaging is indeed a great way to send unlimited free text messages on unlimited number of phone numbers. You just have to establish a link between PC and device via USB cable. No matter what operating system you have on your desktop or mobile device, you can deliver an unlimited number of free SMS alerts and other exclusive offers on a number of contact numbers. The highlight of the innovative SMS technology is that sending SMS does not require any internet connection no matter what the location of the world is. 

Businesspersons and even internet marketers can utilize the state-of-the-art text messaging application with the view to marketing their goods and products. Marketing managers will be able to touch base with their existing and potential customers by sending free text messages periodically. Also, users need not retain all the contacts in their minds, as they can load bulk contact numbers from excel sheet and notepad file.

Few salient features of lately released bulk SMS Software are as follows: 

1-Bulk text message transmittance to any global location.

2-Users can send free unlimited messages to the contacts without any external SMS gateways.

3-Sends a multitude of text messages from PC by connecting it to GSM, Windows and Android mobile devices via USB cable. 

4-Keeps up a record of every sent item with particular date and time

5- Unicode character friendly. 

6-Postpones delivery feature to keep up bulk clog of free message transmittance.

7-No need to be tech savvy to send messages.

8-Exlusion list wizard option to purge useless or unwanted contacts that you do not want to send messages. 

9. Leave out all replacement contact numbers from message conveyance list.

10-Retry option for abortive messages up to 10 times that could not be delivered at the time of message sending