While the business of telecommunication has started to scale the next higher levels of success over the past few years, a maximum number of established and evolving businesspersons with different professional backgrounds are fast accepting and implementing the innovative telecommunication technology to reach out to the targeted audiences. One of these innovative telecommunication technologies is bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS Service is the updated and innovative form of the traditional SMS services, which has been in the vogue till date. Bulk SMS Marketing service is one of the finest, effective and fastest ways of putting messages across the targeted mass and it is evolving at a blazingly fast speed. Among the premier service providers around the world that are meeting the needs of innovative SMS marketing, it is worthy of mentioning BroadNet Technologies within the list.

Made 100% delivery to 99% of operators worldwide, earned 1000 + delighted clients and over 100 millions of messages delivered, BroadNet Technologies has carved a niche for itself and is yet setting new standards increasingly.

“We pride modestly on ourselves for having sent 100 millions of SMS at the client’s ends and rather than quantity, we give major significance to the quality of the messages and the conversions that it brings. Until date, this unparalleled text message marketing type has carried out phenomenal marketing SMS campaigns, which have earned a huge response from the receivers favouring the company for which BroadNet Technologies has been working,” said Rabih Farah, CEO and founder of BroadNet Technologies.

Another highlight of the company is that they charge very affordable price rates for the service they offer. Delivering quality bulk messaging services absolutely one of a kind at very affordable price rates has enabled a lot of businesspersons to come close to the same and garner very effective results from it.