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SMS Software allows users to compose and send bulk messages from one’s pc either through cell phones or Window-based handsets. Its advanced and unique utility helps an individual to send bulk text messages to any number of contacts around the world without requiring any internet gateway! This is a user-friendly and a very cost-effective tool for communication. It facilitates the transfer of bulk messages to a large number of people at the same time. It not only saves a precious time of the sender but also provides an easy, advanced, fast and a cost-effective way of communication.

Through mass text messaging software, an individual can send unlimited bulky messages not only to his employees, friends, and relatives but also to his clients. This is because it has a customizable speed of bulk messages up to 25000 per minute as per the requirement. It facilitates an individual to have an instant communication with the business clients, whether national or international, by using group message software . It is also used as a tool for sharing information around the world by individuals, as well as by the large organizations. Organizations can share information in the form of notifications. And they can also do MIS reporting at various levels of the organization by using this software.

Bulk SMS Software is mainly useful for a product based industry that needs to inform about its products from time to time. It facilitates organizations and enterprises alike to send all the information to clients regarding the products through the text messages. This can include all the features with regards to the products. It also helps them in promoting the products in the market. They can send messages regarding marketing and advertising campaigns of the products from PC, supported by cell phones or Windows-based handsets.

In a nutshell, we at BroadNet are confident to mention that it is an ideal solution for users who find it difficult to carry laptops all the time but want to stay in touch with their large group of friends and business clients. It is an efficient and innovative tool of communication for the users, as it also allows perfect message scheduling. It means they can designate time or date to the message at which it will be sent to the receiver. This is very cost-effective software, as it is not having any setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You can now flood the market with bulk SMS!

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