E-mobility—The hottest trend around

In present times, E-mobility is playing a stellar role in advertisements. Nowadays, every common man has a mobile device of his/her own. To speak unreservedly, the mobile phone has become a part of a living. So the easiest and the most instant way for a businessperson to promote his/her business is by way of bulk SMS services or bulk voice calls services. Then this bulk SMS service came into play to bring the outflow of organizational expenditure into a half, which they are investing, in advertising.

Miscellaneous uses of bulk SMS services

The uses of bulk SMS service vary from organization to organization. Some use this service for information (example: educational institutions) and some for alerts (example: share market updates). Many organizations mainly use bulk SMS service for advertising and marketing their business. Also this service is used by media for getting a response from its audience whether it’s a topic or a poll question.

This service is also used by many telecom service providers for updating their customers about their products. This bulk SMS service is the quickest easiest way to reach their customers. This service is provided by the SMS gateway providers. This SMS gateway is directly connected to through online and it reaches the customers quickly and instantly delivers the organization’s message to its customers. Bulk voice calls are also one of the quickest ways to reach customers and keep them up-to-date about any particular organization.

What makes BroadNet stand out?

BroadNet is a preeminent IT company offering a reasonably priced bulk SMS reseller service for over ten years. As a result of having copious experience our brainy team members possess, we are able to design a state-of-the-art messaging panel for our customers. We exploit state-of-the-art and powerful 400+ different connections to operators and carriers in India and because of 100% delivery to 99% of our customers.

Our bulk SMS service are guaranteed to offer a tremendous publicity to your business. We also offer short code service and long code service to our clients. We have several clients who have succeeded in their business through our bulk SMS advertising service. We promote your business by sending bulk SMS, as per the categories of customers specified by our clients. We have a database of every particular customer required by your business.

All you need to do is just send or receive SMS from our virtually hosted numbers, send automated feedbacks as well. Our low-cost bulk SMS reseller software is considered as a user-friendly tool, which facilitates you to process applications within a few minutes. Factually, a look at our sample files will facilitate you to carry out the process suitably.

If you are still feeling without having a choice and want to know more about the usage of a bulk SMS reseller service, then please visit our website www.broadnet.me .

About BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies is an international leading Business Messaging Solution Provider. It’s joined the GSMA as an Associate Member also it has been awarded certification to the ISO 27001:2013; BroadNet Technologies has been a pioneer in the use of SMS-messaging service across global markets since 2003 thus widening its range of products and services to include Bulk SMS, A2P SMS, HLR Lookup Service, SMSC Gateway, SMS Firewall, Web Solutions, and Mobile Applications. For more information, please visit us: www.broadnet.me

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