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 Bulk SMS marketing is the cardinal solution for you if you want to grow your app reach.

You built a beautiful and engaging mobile app, now how do you get people to use it? More importantly, how do you get people to share it with their friends? By knowing how to adopt bulk SMS marketing from the SMS service you can easily share your app and spread the awareness you aim to. SMS marketing is the best solution and decision done by marketers to enhance their app reach.

Distributing your app via Bulk SMS

Having an app website or landing page is a fabulous way to showcase your app and get more people to download it. You need to convert those visitors into users of your app. That’s where your call to action plays a huge role: what’s the point of convincing your visitors that they need your app if you don’t give them an easy way to download it by using SMS service.

What I see as a future trend and maybe even best practice is a field asking for the visitor’s phone number and a “Get the app”, “Text me” or “Get link” call to action.  With our SMS service, a bulk SMS with a direct link to download the app is then sent to the future user’s phone.

Why is it a good idea?

I like this approach for the following reasons.

  • SMS service can improve conversion rates. Because the link to the app is received on the visitors’ devices, there is no need for them to search the mobile app store. SMS marketing prevents that a potential user doesn’t find your app when looking for it (because of a typo or just bad search rankings) and it lowers the possibility of a user getting distracted by other apps when launching the store (featured app, or even your competition).
  • They can come back to it later. SMS service allows visitors will have a bulk SMS on their phone with the direct link to your app, which means they should be able to easily find it later in case they don’t download the app straight away.
  • SMS service enables a single and more visible call to action. The bulk SMS sent to the visitor’s device can either include a link to each mobile app store or automatically detect if the user is on an Android or iOS device. You just need one field and a big button on your website.
  • You can track statistics. By using links in the bulk SMS you send, you can know how many people got to your app details page on their device.

SMS marketing can help you generate more reach, awareness and achieve other goals.

Your app website or landing page should convey what’s unique about your app and convince visitors to download and use it. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to get the app on their device, and if mobile app distribution via SMS marketing can help then you should probably give it a try with BroadNet Technologies.