The entire world of communication is thoughtfully connected today – one device with the other at a time; and no it is not just IoT and machine learning that deserve all the credit. The new age technologies and tools that connect, collaborate and co exist with each other actually entirely depend on the launch pad developed by the technologies introduced earlier to them.

Come API

Think all the awesomeness an API does! Short for Application Programming Interface; an API is a means by which specialized and pinpointed functions and pre-formatted commands of a computer program can be easily integrated or made available to a new program.

An example – A bulk SMS service can be a function of a computer program. When it is made available to another computer program such as the notification component of an online ticket-booking website; it is an API integrated with the other component.

There are many – literally many – awesome benefits associated with APIs. Here are some

Increased efficiency

Providing quick and authority-oriented API access allows for the content to be developed once and automatically published or made accessible across channels.

Improved reach

By allowing to design and develop an entirely standalone presentation layer—such as a website, or a widget—APIs can be used to evenly distribute matters of content, solutions and gist to new audiences and in specific contexts that which can be tailor made to cater to evolving audiences.


APIs reduces human errors, improve productivity and enhance the flow of work across pinpointed channels and genres by allowing machines to handle the workload.


APIs have been proven beneficial to allow your content to be more easily embedded or interwoven across applications thereby making better user experience.

Other than these, APIs quickly process a function, brings personalization, and makes products and services future-ready.


SMS API integration is the means through which SMS services can be integrated across channels such as website, software, CRM etc. SMS integration is the most popular, simpler way to send and deliver automated SMS directly from any platform. Almost all eCommerce service providers have SMS API integrated. It can serve a lot of purposes.

What does an SMS API does?

In order to understand the functions of an SMS API, we need to know what it is being used for. It is used for sending SMS. That is it. But in a deeper level, APIs are used for bulk tasks such as for sending bulk SMS. An e commerce company can integrate an SMS API to its website for

Sending promotional emails, verifying the OTP, sending transaction alert, issuing order, and many other tasks. So, the functions of an API are vast. Choosing a good SMS API service provider is very crucial in bringing uniformity in sending SMS and achieving the desired targets.