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SMS marketing is the cardinal option for businesses to carry out in their marketing mix.

You may not have even realized it yet. Still, Easter is just a couple of days away, and with it comes a unique opportunity to add some seasonal fun to your marketing mix and prove that your brand has a human side to it – and SMS Marketing is the ideal channel through which to do so. No matter what the field of your business, many opportunities can be adopted or modified to seize the interest of new or existing customers and help your brand stand out. Here are three ideas to get you thinking of the best SMS marketing campaign to pursue.

We, at BroadNet, have come up with some exciting ways of using SMS marketing techniques for your Easter promotion, and to also explain why this sort of marketing can be one of the most beneficial strategies for enhancing your business.

  • Create an Easter event

Events are always common among customers, and Easter is an excellent opportunity to get creative. If you are a venue such as an outdoor activity center, country house, garden square, or similar, which can cater for outdoor activities, then the traditional Easter egg hunt is always a great way to create a buzzing in your marketing. If you run a fitness-related business, why not add creative and turn the usual egg hunt into something more sporting, and so on.

Whatever event you come up with to your business, be sure to use SMS Marketing. Not just to let your customers know all about it with details such as dates, times, and descriptions, but also consider using SMS for other aspects, including vouchers, booking confirmations, and e-tickets.

  • Create a seasonal – Easter sale:

As we have already mentioned, holidays are always exceptional for attracting your customers with some sales and promotions. If you want to invite your customers to shop online or step into your shop, the most reliable way to do that is by sending an SMS marketing campaign, which would feature updates and voucher codes.

The content of your SMS should be personal and should include some power phrases as well as it should be more vivid to the client, both of which will help you increase your sales and conversion.

  • Carry on Vivid Competitions via SMS marketing

Competition is one of the best ways to capture your customers’ attention, as well as to enhance their engagement and motivation. Everyone likes to be a winner, so by setting up a “text to win” campaign, you can quickly get your customers entertained and interested.

If you would like to take your SMS competition to the next level, you can use a short code that allows the integration of your SMS competition with the rest of your Easter marketing, both online and offline.

Running your SMS marketing campaigns in Easter is an opportunity for your company to grow.

To sum up, Easter break means a lot of free time for customers, and the thing they like to do the most on such occasions is – to spend their money the right way and on things that matter the most. So, we at BroadNet advise you to use this period for trying out some of the Easter mentioned above outreach ideas, which will unquestionably contribute to increased sales, more profit, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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