SMS verification is indeed still the most adequate solution to your problems. The amount of hackers and scammers keeps on increasing, not just on a personal level but also to a much wider reach. Companies, especially at top level, cannot afford these security breaches because they would cause them severe damage and losses in terms of finances as well as reputation. This would also strongly damage their customer experience, which would lead to negative feedback.

To decrease the potential for compromised security, time has proven that SMS verification is still the most convenient solution. There are many reasons as to why SMS mobile verification is still so successful in the market, and popular among the vast majority of users.

Authenticating registration offers a lot of benefits. When a user is trying to register to any online account, for example Instagram, they will need to enter their mobile phone number to complete the registration process, this way, their number would have been directly linked with their account, in order to boost security measures. This is of course not possible without SMS verification.

Authorizing updates or upgrades is another notable feature that is enhanced thanks to SMS verification. Receiving a PIN code that the user will be required to enter, should help eliminate the chances for mistakes that would cost money. For example, when it comes to a user trying to upgrade their account from freemium to premium. This way, the user enters the code to confirm their intention to complete the upgrade.

Reactivating users is also important for anyone who deactivated their online account, was it on social media or anywhere else. For instance, if someone left Facebook for 4 months, but decided to reactivate the account. SMS verification would help ensure that this is indeed the owner of the account, and not someone reactivating it against said owner’s will.

In addition to that, resetting passwords is so crucial for user-experience nowadays. With the number of hackers growing, whenever someone from a suspicious location attempts to log into your account, you receive a notification and the first thing you often want to do, is to rush into your device and change your password. Thanks to SMS verification, your account can be safe again.

Authenticating transactions is perhaps the most vital feature supported by SMS verification. In case anyone else has tried to complete an online transaction on your behalf, but without your prior consent, you have the possibility to register the option that forces you to enter a PIN code before any transaction is officially completed. This way, SMS verification would have saved you from the loss of valuable financial assets, as well as prevented thieves and hackers from taking advantage from your precious accounts.

SMS verification can be intelligently used to facilitate our life on a daily basis. The number of businesses looking to implement it in order to provide their clients with the best possible customer experience, continue to grow.

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